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By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2023-06-23 04:37:58.472Z

    Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight as we proudly present the legendary CH47 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator!. Get ready to take on loads onboard the most iconic heavy-lift helicopter.

    The Chinook will be by far our most detailed product (3D modeling - both internally and externally). Initially, the -D version will be released (analog cockpit), but glass cockpit variant, as well as passenger transport variant are planned.

    Release scheduled for End of Q3 2023. More details to come!

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    1. D
        2023-06-23 10:41:03.180Z


        1. O
          David @Oz_Flyer
            2023-10-30 10:18:28.820Z

            Hi There,
            It is great to see this coming to MSFS, I hope you will have all the switch's, controls & warning lights available for users.
            I used to fly the one in FSX (mil&N.D.) did and have 1000's of sim hours in it.
            looking forward to getting one that works in this Sim.
            Please supply a full list of LVars and the Cold and Dark startup and shutdown.

            Thank you

            1. O
              David @Oz_Flyer
                2023-11-10 21:44:36.866Z

                Can we please get an update on the release date as Q3 has been and gone.

                1. The Chinook is progressing well and it will be packed with features upon release. Still working on it - we will post a public update shortly.

                  1. ODavid @Oz_Flyer
                      2023-11-21 21:12:46.051Z

                      Great to see the update can not wait to see the end product.
                      I just hope all the overhead panel switch's and leaver's are mapable to hardware for a full cold and dark startup.
                      This for me is the make / brake of a good aircraft after a good flight model.

                  2. Progress
                  3. @MiltechSimulationspinned this topic 2023-06-23 04:38:27.084Z.