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    2023-11-03 19:08:07.132Z

    (ZC04) West Palm Beach, FL
    Nimitz Class CVN76 - STATIC CARRIER When I take off from there to an airport, why do the engines just shut off by them self?

    Solved in post #10, click to view
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    1. Which aircraft are you using? I would need further detail.

      Please keep in mind that using teleport is experimental and may result, under some conditions, in aircraft systems malfuctioning. If you're having issues with some specific aircraft, please let me know and I'll take a look - as long as you don't teleport, the aircraft would work normally.

      1. P@PBM1A
          2023-11-03 20:04:03.776Z

          The f18 and f14

          1. Does it happen at the ZC04 Location only? Have you replicated this issue at some other location?

            1. P@PBM1A
                2023-11-03 20:11:42.005Z

                not from airports

                1. I mean some other carrier location, other than ZC04. I'm unable to replicate this issue on my end, nor it has been reported with the latest version - hence I would need to dig a little deeper on this.

                  1. In reply toPBM1A:

                    Did the following:

                    • Spawned on ZC04 with the F14A
                    • Launched from Catapult 1
                    • Accelerated with afterburners until 500kts, then reduced to MIL power
                    • Continued flying for a few minutes - no issues at all.

                    Just FYI - we are improving teleport compatibility on v1.0.3 releasing next week. Problems may arise after the aircraft has been manually teleported as some systems don't behave correctly.

                  2. Also - could you tell me what your assist settings are? Make sure crash detection and engine damage are off, and everything else is set to "True to Life"

                    1. T@Taproom100
                        2023-11-25 01:49:12.093Z2023-11-25 02:13:26.985Z

                        I have having the same issue. Using DC Designs F14D after a successful cat launch and after about 3-8 minutes flight time my engines shut off. I am unable to restart them with any method. I have changed all assistance settings to hard then disabled engine stress damage and crash detection but the issue intermittently persists. It almost seems like this happens if you fly close to an airport or out of range of the carrier. Any ideas would be appreciated.

                        1. Are you on v1.0.3? This issue is related to teleporting and has been fixed on the latest update.

                          If you bought the product from the MS Marketplace, the update should be available next week.