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MS2020 SuperCarrier Pro

By @7439gg
    2023-11-25 02:31:49.561Z

    I bought and installed this last night, I keep running into an issue every time I spawn on a carrier (static or moving). Issue is I'm brought to my desktop, with the game still running and game sound going, but the games graphics have sort of become invisible I guess. I can't click on anything on the desktop unless I alt+tab, that's despite seeing the desktop and this crash.

    What seems to prompt it is when I bring carrier personnel/crew members into view. If I'm using the view hat or external cam to scroll around, I'll see a person, then everything freezes for a few secs and does that desktop thing.

    Using Win 11 w/latest updates as of yesterday's date. FS2020 up to date, only add-ons are all the official updates and CarrierPro. Hardware is AMD 7800XT 16GB with latest adrenaline software/drivers as of yesterday's date. CPU AMD 3800X, 32GB DDR4.

    Restart of PC, game, and reinstall of CarrierPro did not help.

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. So essentially a crash to desktop. This issue as you describe it is definitely a first time report.

      Have you tried lowering your graphic settings (just as a test)? You do have a powerful enough system, but AMD Graphics cards tend to be more finicky than Nvidia.

      You should be way under the memory limit (even running the sim at Ultra), but please lower the settings to low/medium as a test just to make sure the issue is not in any way related to VMem.

      These sort of issues are very challenging to fix as they cannot be replicated on any of our test machines

      1. 7
        In reply to7439gg:
          2023-11-27 18:49:14.689Z

          I did a few tests:

          Res is at 2560x1440 @144.

          Medium settings w/FSR 2 enabled, crash to desktop.
          Medium settings w/FSR 2 disabled, crash to desktop.

          All graphics settings as low as possible or disabled where possible. Was able to take off an fly around no problem, but I did crash to desktop again as before after slamming into the carrier and clipping through the deck to the hanger. I had crash detection off as per the requirements.

          1. Interesting, very odd indeed. No crashes if you uninstall Supercarrier right?

            Sounds like a graphics issue of some sort given that you're able to load under some circumstances, but it'd be quite difficult to find out exactly what the issue is

            1. @7439gg good news - I think there's a solution to the issue.

              Another customer has just reported he experienced the same issue and was able to find a solution:

              DX12 -> Simulator CTD
              DX11 -> Simulator does not CTD

              DX12 + removing "shimmering" wires, as described here:

              -> Simulator does not CTD

              It seems the issue is indeed a graphics issue on AMD with the Asobo stock "shimmering" arresting gear on DX12.

              Could you please remove the cables as per the link above and report back if that solves the issues for you?

          2. 7
            In reply to7439gg:
              2023-11-27 23:37:45.581Z

              Thank you, I've tested this a few times with various GFX quality settings. It works fine now, desktop crashes are gone.