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MV-22 Osprey Issue

By Benjamin Steinberger @Neb2273
    2024-01-05 22:15:21.421Z

    I recently downloaded the osprey and amphibious ready group bundle. When I select the osprey in the aircraft selection it warns me that I am missing downloadable content and the aircraft might not fully work. I have checked and I have both the amphibious ready group and osprey content downloaded. When I try flying I can’t even turn the battery on and auto startup won’t work. And yes I have the Top Gun Maverick stuff installed

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      Benjamin Steinberger @Neb2273
        2024-01-05 22:21:31.931Z

        Here is the warning

        1. Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
            2024-01-05 22:59:02.418Zreplies toNeb2273:


            This issue is due to your simulator missing the WASM Modules required by MSFS to function well with some aircraft.

            Please read the following thread:
            Under "What can I do if WASM isn’t working?"