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Can You?

    2024-02-01 19:51:20.719Z

    Can you place a moving carrier off of Boston?

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    1. We have one coming on v1.1.0

      1. P
        In reply toPBM1A:
          2024-02-02 15:40:06.089Z

          what is v1.1.0???

          1. The next major update for Supercarrier Pro, releasing in a few days.

            1. P@PBM1A
                2024-02-09 22:03:52.345Z


                1. Releasing early next week.

                  1. P@PBM1A
                      2024-02-20 18:43:17.463Z

                      Why doesn't (EM02) Cape Cod Bay, MA show on my MSFS?

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              • @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2024-02-01 19:52:29.041Z.