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No “Carrier”search on Xbox after ver 1.1.1 update

By Ken Taylor @Sparks
    2024-04-03 05:43:18.665Z

    Loaded update ver 1.1.1 on Xbox series X and lost the ‘Carrier’ search from world map. Carriers will not display for selection below the search line. They can be found entering the F designator in search field. Worked on ver 1.1.0?
    anyone know a fix or is this a bug?

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    1. Generally this happens the first time you install the product or an update. Restarting the sim should fix it.

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      2. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2024-04-03 07:12:25.774Z.
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        Ken Taylor @Sparks
          2024-04-03 14:22:52.345Z

          Tried the restart when I noticed the problem on the day of ver change, but that did not work. Today when I started the program it is back and working correctly. Thank you for your prompt response. SuperCarrier Pro program is an excellent product and a fun enhancement.