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    2023-01-12 16:52:43.901Z

    Issue: Launcher freezes 3rd party DC design f-14 on CVN 77 (Mil tec)
    After loading MSFS and selecting CVN 77 as departure and setting up f-14 for cat shot, Then loading and connecting launcher controls freeze. (Both keyboard and XBOX controller).
    The f-14 was purchased at Justflight as 3 rd. party as was the carrier launcher.
    My rig is Alienware 17 R M3 32 gig memory

    Solved in post #8, click to view
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    1. A
      In reply toAdrian29:
      ADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
        2023-01-12 20:25:47.874Z

        No joy!
        As soon as change assist settings and launch carrier assist it locks all controls.

        1. In reply toAdrian29:

          Does this happen with any other aircraft (eg. the default F18) or exclusively with the F-14?

          1. AADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
              2023-01-14 14:49:09.913Z

              Yes, same for hornets

              1. After connecting the launcher tool and setting up the launch, you must click on the Sim screen again.

                Sometimes Windows is unable to send the controller commands to a window if that window is not "active"

                1. AADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
                    2023-01-16 16:01:28.319Z

                    Good Monday morning. Could you elaborate more on your comment. I'm not sure what you are suggesting. Thanks..

              2. In reply toAdrian29:

                After clicking on "ready to launch" you must click back again on the sim window (anywhere on the sim). Otherwise, all controller settings and keyboard presses are sent to the launcher tool instead of the Simulator. The Sim window must be active by Windows (eg. must be the last thing you clicked) in order for the keyboard and controllers to register commands.

                1. AADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
                    2023-01-18 14:02:48.377Z

                    Excellent! Issue resolved.

                    1. B@Brohammer
                        2024-02-20 16:10:59.393Z

                        Good morning. I'm unfortunately still experiencing the same issues with the F-14 SUPER, but I'm playing on Xbox One Cloud. The launcher isn't working properly (very glitchy) and the final button never shows up now. I got the deck crew to spawn via the quick pushback, but I'm not sure his signals are accurate, as I'm usually off center when he has me stop. After that, I can't get any other launcher commands to function.

                        Also, might I suggest implementing a tutorial for cold & dark start-up procedures? At least for either the F-14, 18, and select airliners maybe? I'd REALLY appreciate that addition.
                        Good day.

                        1. Please take a look at the following tutorial:

                          There aren’t any issues with particular aircraft, so likely just the result of incorrect procedures

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