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RE: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2023-06-12 20:38:34.697Z

    Well, this one was unexpected for all of us. Probably too soon, definitely not the best way of announcing it... but it seems we have a new sim.

    Don't get me wrong, these are exciting news. We are finally getting support for missions, finally getting a better weather engine, seasons, improved vegetation, etc. But these unexpected changes and the lack of communication affect 3rd party devs. Now that we have a stable platform, now that the SDK has matured and it’s now, for the most part, well documented - we get a new sim. So I guess we’ll always work with a “developing platform” and will have to adapt to that.

    Regardless of what happens, one thing is clear for us:

    At Miltech Simulations, we are committed to no upgrade fees on all products from MSFS2020 to MSFS2024. Any products bought now or in the past will be available to use in MSFS2024 at no additional cost.

    As per clarified by Microsoft, virtually all products will be compatible with the new simulator right away, with perhaps only minor updates required. Though the Osprey uses "hacky" ways to do things not originally supported by the simulator (eg. uses a custom flight model via WASM), these are things done by Microsoft with other aircraft products and fully documented on the MSFS2020 documentation. For that reason, we believe it should translate just fine.

    Microsoft has been investing tons of money and resources to create aircraft/DLC packages/expansions/world updates for MSFS2020. It would frankly be stupid and a waste of resources to now change everything on this new sim. We are expecting to have access to the beta version of MSFS2024, as well as the new SDK before the new sim releases to ensure everything is compatible out of the box, as soon as the new sim releases.

    Our current pipeline of products continues as scheduled. We are currently working on TWO aircraft products, soon to be announced, as well as a few other products - which include the previously announced Scenery Packs, as well as other yet-to-be-announced scenery products. ALL PRODUCTS, including those released before, and releasing in the future WILL BE COMPATIBLE WITH MSFS2024 AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

    Very excited to share what we've been working on. The new missions enable a new world of possibilities for our Osprey and future aircraft.

    -Gabriel, Miltech Simulations

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    1. S
        2023-12-26 14:02:42.839Z

        I suspect MSFS2024, while a big update, is fundamentally the same game as MSFS2020, from a technical standpoint.

        It's possible that enduring development needs additional funding, and therefore Microsoft gave the order to jazz up MSFS, update the title and slap a full pricetag on it.

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