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By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2023-09-12 09:49:39.933Z2024-07-23 05:44:48.219Z

    Supercarrier Pro - KNOWN BUGS

    Supercarrier Pro CTDs - On Spawn or when Flying to Carrier

    Multiplayer Sync freezing screen after Restart

    "Shaky Camera"/"Shaky Ship" Bug - Moving Ships

    Misplaced Crew/Teleport not functioning/Quick Taxi not functioning

    TACAN/ILS Not Working

    Osprey/Harrier Sliding on the Deck

    Shimmering Vertical Lines behind the ship/Broken Wake Effects

    Shimmering "Bounding Box" on Arrestor Cables

    Supercarrier Pro - UPDATES

    Supercarrier Pro v1.0.0 - RELEASED Sept 14th, 2023

    Initial Release

    Supercarrier Pro v1.0.1 - Sept 29th, 2023

    • NEW: Aircraft hangar accessible on static ships
    • NEW: Aircraft will now spawn to deck on moving ships
    • NEW: Moving carriers will now be identifiable by ICAO Code
    • Fixed bugs with spawning on static carriers (eg. aircraft spawns under the deck)
    • Panel default vertical size fixed
    • Elevator position forgotten when panel is closed fixed
    • Typos on toolbar menu fixed
    • Automatically switch to landing tab after teleport to approach
    • POI market range increased
    • Ships wake made longer
    • F-35 color too dark improved
    • Colision surface fixed on static support ships

    Supercarrier Pro v1.0.2 - Hotfix Patch - Oct 3rd, 2023

    • Teleport to spawn radius - reduce to 1nm or less to avoid issues with aircraft teleporting from nearby airports
    • MP Sync spawning under the deck fixed
    • San Diego ZC07 missing spawn point/airport
    • Autoteleporting triggering when flying from coast to carrier bug
    • Added warning message when not in range of any carriers.
    • MP Autorestart improved

    Supercarrier Pro v1.0.3 - Released Nov 16th

    • CVN-76 Island accuracy fixes. Island will be remodeled to represent late-Nimitz class carriers
    • Modern arrestors can be toggled "always on"
    • Modern arrestors reactivate automatically when you approach again
    • Effectiveness of arresting gear now depends on the aircraft. Arresting gear is now more effective the higher the stall speed of the aircraft
    • Bridge lights off during the daytime
    • Catapult 1 on Nimitz nose dip bug fixed
    • Aircraft-specific general fixes
    • Improved teleporting across all aircraft
    • Improvements to the compatibility of Osprey with moving ships
    • Animations "pointing in wrong direction/wrong side" fixed
    • Night lighting general improvements
    • Fixed misplaced crew at some locations
    • Nimitz deck texture missing double sided.
    • Fixed easy mode possible cheats
    • Improved night lighting on the hangar
    • General backend fixes
    • Tentative fix fo the Navigraph issue
    • LRLS alignment improvements

    Supercarrier Pro v1.1.0 - Released Feb 27, 2024

    • Loading times significantly reduced by modifying animation sequences and related code.
    • NEW SHIP: Nimitz-Class CVN-69 introduced (6 new static locations, 7 new moving locations)
    • NEW SHIP: FrenchCDG introduced (4 new static locations, 4 new moving locations)
    • NEW SUPPORT SHIP: Independence-Class ships introduced (4 POI locations + as escort ship on all new CVN-69 locations)
    • New carrier deck vehicles added. More detailed and better textured, yet more FPS Efficient.
    • When not in range of Carrier, show a list of closest carriers and their heading
    • Added additional supporting ships to static vessels
    • Relocated Da Nang Location to "Yankee Station"
    • Relocated Whitley Bay Location due to closeness to Airbase
    • Relocated Palm Beach location due to interference with Airport
    • Added catapult hook sounds
    • Added ambient noise and announcement sounds
    • Added Catapult sounds
    • New Modern Arrestor Gear system using real-life values from Nimitz carriers and energy-based equations to guarantee the aircraft stops in a reasonably length of runway using regardless of the weight of the aircraft.
    • Hangar fog visibility bug fixed
    • Steam effects on catapults added
    • Changes to Carrier App UI and backend to support future expansions.
    • Performance improvements throughout
    • Texturing fixes and improvements throughout
    • Hotfixes related to Navigraph compatibility
    • Multiple lighting effects improved
    • Various minor fixes throughout

    Supercarrier Pro v1.1.1 - Released March 19, 2024

    • FrenchCDG Lift bugs Fixed
    • CVN69 Moving Locations malfunctioning in some systems fixed
    • French Flag added to CDG
    • FrenchCDG "holes" around the deck fixed
    • CAT2 Shooter on CDG location adjusted
    • Static CVN69 locations missing collisions on Independence Class support ships
    • Adding CDG Moving locations: (FN05) Lorient, France, (FN06) Cote d’Azur, France
    • Fixed catapult steam effects

    Supercarrier Pro v1.2.0 - Released May 14th, 2024

    • FrenchCDG Will receive LSO Callouts in French
    • Add steam to FrenchCDG Catapults
    • Add flag to FrenchCDG Static Ships
    • Night Lighting Improvements
    • After catapulting staff remains on deck fixed
    • Add Bearing and Distance to all carrier locations (moving and static) after entering the 30nm Carrier Area. The Bearing and Distance indications will display on the top left side of the FLOLS on the Landing page of the Toolbar App.
    • Changes to the toolbar app - the new Universal Toolbar App will enable control of all existing and upcoming Miltech Carriers Products on a single app.

    Supercarrier Pro v1.2.1 - Released May 21th, 2024

    • Fixes to Toolbar app: arrestor cables not engaging bug fixed, various Localization text corrected
    • Removed misplaced crane on CVN69 Locations

    Supercarrier Pro v1.2.2 - Released May 28th, 2024 (Latest Version - CONTRAIL)

    • Added carrier workers to the Supercarrier Package in preparation for the removal of the TopGun Expansion. Top Gun is no longer a requirement for the product to work correctly as per V1.2.2

    Supercarrier Pro v1.2.3 - Released July 18th, 2024 (Latest Version - ORBX AND MS MARKETPLACE ONLY)

    • UI Changes to the Supercarrier Pro App to support multiple new ships.
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    1. J
      John Barry Fuqua @jymp
        2023-11-02 10:39:23.555Z

        Supercarrier Pro animations not working with SU14 beta, Asobo working on fix updating beta

        1. U
            2024-01-19 20:13:50.903Z

            Noticed that REX updated the Global textures program. Did their update resolve the known issue you posted at the top?


            1. I’ve been told the issue is fixed on the latest update.

            2. D
                2024-05-21 11:52:37.762Z

                Hello i don't see the 1.2.0 update on ORBX store ? Have any idea ?
                Thanks, best regards.

                1. Will be available tomorrow. There was an issue with file distribution that has been solved with V1.2.1.

                2. U
                    2024-05-29 18:55:48.495Z

                    Would installing 1.2.2 with the Top Gun expansion be an issue?

                    1. Not at all - just no longer required, but won’t conflict in any way

                    2. Progress
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                    8. C
                        2024-06-11 01:39:16.713Z

                        I noticed that the moving cvn-69 does not work sometimes with the new update. The plane won’t appear or the carrier, sometimes both. Is that know issue to be fixed in a future update. I do appreciate all the work you have put into this! Thanks!

                        1. Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
                            2024-06-11 09:03:23.006Zreplies tocarrier1:

                            This generally occurs when the carrier location does not load correctly - have you noticed this on any specific location? Checked on my end and can't replicate the issue

                            1. C
                                2024-06-11 12:53:14.682Zreplies toMiltechSimulations:

                                It is the moving carrier near Guam, but it appears to happen with other CVN-69 moving locations. I had this happen before and it was fixed with an update that was done. It came back with this current update. Try going to another moving carrier and close out and then jump to that location. That is where I notice it more. Thanks for your help!

                                1. Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
                                    2024-06-11 12:55:08.523Zreplies tocarrier1:

                                    I'd recommend you a full reinstall of the product. I just checked all moving locations and it all seems okay to me, but I know for a fact this issue has presented itself in the past. So now I'm wondering what may be causing it, and why only in selected systems..

                                    1. C
                                        2024-06-11 16:24:36.408Zreplies toMiltechSimulations:

                                        Thanks! I will try that.