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supercarrier upate 29/9 making backwards progress

By @choonzy
    2023-09-29 12:52:45.778Z2023-09-29 13:04:11.947Z

    Hi team. Thank you for the update, However i think you are going backwards somewhat. having the moving ships on an icao is great. but spawn within a few miles of it and you are slammed onto and sometimes through the deck causing catastrophic problems if wheels are up. so spawning anywhere except on deck is not possible . When you do spawn on deck 9 on the runway instead of the poi icon) you are always transported through to the hangar. I dont know the radius affected of air spawning but ive tried at least 3 miles out and same results
    . the multiplayer sync still causes you to again be slammed into the hangar. its becoming extremely difficult and over complicated to just use the app now as you just can not assume whats going to happen and even then its random. Its significantly less useable than the release version. There are other issues to but i need to write them down. it seems the release has more crucial issues than the original . is the original release still up? i would really like to go back. I was using the GF corsair and i dont know if its a listed/supported a/c as discord is down and i cant locate support links. same with the flying iron corsair.


    Solved in post #11, click to view
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    1. Steve,

      We are aware of the issue that if you spawn nearby a carrier (at an airport or in the air), you will be automatically teleported to the nearest ship. This issue will be fixed soon (listed here - V1.0.2: SUPERCARRIER PRO - TRACKED BUGS & UPDATES)

      I see the issue with MP sync as well, we will try to patch these two issues ASAP.

      1. P@PilotWayneNY
          2023-10-02 03:33:12.746Z

          With the latest release, I was teleported to the carrier positioned south of Long Island, NY when i tried to spawn at an airport on Long Island or a heliport in New Jersey, near NYC. As a result, I had to uninstall the product, as it prevented me from flying in the NYC area. I love Supercarrier Pro so please fix this new issue so I can re-install it.

          1. An update should be out in the next few hours. Working on the last few issues.

        • In reply tochoonzy:

          We don't have any way of distributing older builds but will look into it.

          Safe distance radius is 30nm from a carrier. We are reducing the teleport to spawn radius to 0.5nm. Working on the patch for those two items, will be out as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience - we were on a time constraint to release V1.0.1 due to Microsoft requests for the MP release.

          1. C
            In reply tochoonzy:
              2023-09-29 13:11:31.315Z

              thanks for the quick replies guys. i understand the time issues, im frustrated that an update is significantly worse than the original and now i cant go back.. i think theres some significant backlash coming your way when the masses load this.. i consider myself a very light user and dont take the flying seriously, the fanatics and nerds are nnot gonna take this well.. its a superb idea and im sure it will get there soon. but hobbling updates with no backout is a seriously bad idea for pr.

              1. In reply tochoonzy:

                @choonzy @PilotWayneNY

                Update should be available tomorrow morning (GMT). All teleport bugs fixed (flying from the coast and nearby airports bugs both fixed, as well as MP Sync not teleporting to approach)

                1. P@PilotWayneNY
                    2023-10-02 12:10:39.094Z

                    Thanks for working on this and fixing it so quickly! I will download and test the new version later today.

                    1. P@PilotWayneNY
                        2023-10-02 23:05:38.447Z

                        Is the update available yet? i am still seeing version 1.0.1 when I just downloaded and installed it via the Orbx app.

                        1. Update is currently being processed by ORBX. Should be out anytime soon.

                      • In reply tochoonzy:

                        V1.0.2 Hotfix Update is now live at ORBX and Miltech Simulations Store (Contrail)

                        Please update Supercarrier Pro as soon as possible.


                        • Teleport to spawn radius - reduce to 1nm or less to avoid issues with aircraft teleporting from nearby airports
                        • MP Sync spawning under the deck fixed
                        • San Diego ZC07 missing spawn point/airport
                        • Autoteleporting triggering when flying from coast to carrier bug
                        • Added warning message when not in range of any carriers.
                        • MP Autorestart improved

                        @PilotWayneNY @choonzy

                        1. O@ozelotking
                            2023-11-17 09:59:38.115Z

                            Hello team,
                            I installed the ORBX version (purchased today), I followed all of your installation instructions. But unfortunately it's like this: If I fly from LEIB (Ibiza) to the carrier ZM06, as soon as I get close to the carrier, my aircraft can no longer be controlled. No matter whether IndiaFoxtrotEcho F-35 II or CJ Eurofighter. They cannot be controlled. Taking off from a carrier is impossible; the planes slide back and forth on the deck as if on ice. Unfortunately I can't find a solution to this. Thank you for your support.

                            1. Hello,

                              what are your simulator assist settings? It must be set at least to "medium", otherwise the aircraft wont interact with the carrier correctly.

                              1. Keep in mind if you are in the Sim Update Beta - there is currently an MSFS Bug that will reset your sim assist settings every time the sim launches. Make sure to always set it to at least medium.

                                1. O@ozelotking
                                    2023-11-17 11:40:31.829Z

                                    Thanks for the quick answer, I normally fly in realistic mode, could that be a problem? Does it have to be medium mode?

                                    1. No, it has to be **at least ** medium. Realistic is best.

                                      Please create a dedicated thread for this issue, I would need videos/screenshots of the issue as I have not seen this issue before.

                                  • In reply toozelotking:

                                    Just tested the exact same flight - Ibiza to the carrier nearby, with both the F35 and Eurofighter. No issues with controls, no issues landing or catapulting.

                                    I would recommend you do a full reinstall of Supercarrier Pro. Additionally, make sure your sim realism settings are correctly set up.

                                    1. O@ozelotking
                                        2023-11-17 12:38:15.287Z

                                        i will do so! I'll get back to you later when I find time.