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Supercarrier - Toolbar

By @jcagle
    2023-10-21 01:10:21.391Z


    I purchased the Supercarrier Pro for MSFS, and don't understand how to access / use the launch controls.

    There is no toolbar matching the name "MilTech Supercarrier" as shown in the manual and YouTube videos. However, there is a toolbar present called "Carrier Control" which seems to interact with the carrier, allowing me to teleport, activate (turn on) catapults, and other minor items. However, it has many fewer inputs/controls than the toolbar shown in the online manual, and I see no way to interact with the crew (hook-up, salute), and am not able to proceed through the CAT launch sequence. I have tried re-installing the add-on several times, with similar results. Help would be much appreciated.

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    1. Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
        2023-10-21 06:59:08.467Z2023-10-21 08:38:08.512Z

        Could you please attach screenshots of the menu? You're probably confused with the app included with a different carrier product.

        Our toolbar menu looks like this:

        Information on how to use it is available here:

        If you're unable to find it on your toolbar, it may be hidden. Click on the right-most icon on the toolbar (the "Gear" icon) and scroll through the list until you find Miltech Supercarriers. Then enable the toolbar menu.

        1. J@jcagle
            2023-10-21 15:15:20.849Z


            I have read the manual, and watched videos / tutorials on YouTube. I am unable to find the MilTech Supercarrier app, either in the main toolbar or in the toolbar options menu (image attached). I did not see a way to extend the menu; however, I have checked all the item, reset the toolbar, tried Developer mode, uninstalled all other carrier add-ons, and have not seen the MilTech app.

            1. Do you see the carriers on the WorldMap? Both the ships and toolbar are installed as a single package, everything should be there.

              If the issue persists, please send us an email and I'll get you a copy issued through our website directly just to make sure it is not related to an installation issue with ORBX

              1. J@jcagle
                  2023-10-21 15:44:33.951Z

                  Yes, I can load a flight from the World map onto the carriers via ICAO (tested with the Hawaii and Alaska moving ships).

                  1. B@buzz_litebeer
                      2023-11-14 20:04:28.032Z

                      Is there a resolution to this? I purchased mine off the marketplace, but have the same issue. Do not have the dropdown option for super carrier pro..

                      1. Have you tried as suggested above - clicking on the Gear icon and searching through the list?

                        The toolbar and the carrier are distributed as a single package. If the ships show up, the toolbar should also show up.

                        1. In reply tobuzz_litebeer:
                            2023-11-27 16:31:43.843Z

                            This is still an issue for me, checked again after the recent update. No Supercarrier toolbar app, even in the gears/setup list.

                    • J
                      In reply tojcagle:
                        2023-10-21 15:20:08.519Z

                        I should also add - I am installing from OrbX. I know updates are occasionally delayed to the Marketplace (if it is relevant).

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