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Osprey blade fold position tuning for increased realism

By @nenenui
    2023-10-26 19:47:24.377Z2023-10-27 08:07:35.269Z

    Late me first make the remarks

    • … that this topic is not about a real "bug" … but rather a tuning idea
    • … my (maybe incorrect) assumption is that the virtual Osprey model
      • can rotate each blade to a dedicated angle
      • can rotate the proprotor hub to a dedicated angle
      • and so changes are easy and do not require expensive actual changes to the 3D polygons

    When comparing the virtual Osprey to real fotos and videos I noticed two things which felt unrealastic

    A) The folded virtual blades are basically in one plane … all three seem folded from the same 90 deg park position

    • … while the real Osprey seems to use different angles for each blade
    • … which is especially visible with the lowest blade

    It is hard to capture an exact comparison due to all the camera parallax distortions and most likely slight difference in dimensions. But I hope the pictures are useful nevertheless.

    The second related aspect is …

    B) The horizontally folded virtual blades are pointing too much into the sky, with around a 10 deg angle difference to the real Osprey.

    • I tried to find an images of the original Osprey which is almost exactly from the side
    • I added marker lines for some reference points … like the connection of the hub center points, blade tip connections (green) etc.

    Like above … parallax and other camera effects do not allow a perfect overlay between real and virtual. But I hope the images are useful. The 10 deg difference which I mentioned above is roughly the angled between the blue and pink lines.

    PS: The coloured reference lines are identical in both images.

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