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Supercarier Pro causes long startup time of MSFS.

By @Zimbo66
    2023-10-27 15:12:58.323Z

    Hello, after installing Supercarrier Pro, the startup time of my MSFS is 4 minutes 25 seconds, without it 1 minute 45 seconds.
    I have already emptied the community folder.
    My MSFS (PC) is from the Microsoft Store and I bought the Supercarrier Pro in the MSFS marketplace.

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    1. Hello,

      I have not experienced this issue myself (nor has been reported). Is this the simulator startup time, or after you hit "Fly"?

      Do you have a mechanical hard drive or SSD?

      1. Z@Zimbo66
          2023-10-27 16:59:58.036Z

          It is the simulator startup time until the main menu.
          There are only Gen4x4 NVME drives in my system.
          I have installed and uninstalled Supercarrier Pro several times and it is the same every time.
          After uninstalling, the startup time is immediately back to normal and almost three times as long after each installation.

          1. Thanks for the information.

            Supercarrier Pro includes multiple code snippets that must be loaded. I would assume that, on slower mechanical drives, this may take a while. We only use SSDs, so I cannot replicate this issue. But I'll try to take a look

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          In reply toZimbo66:
            2023-11-25 02:25:23.875Z

            I just bought this last night and noticed the exact same thing. M2 SSD's, prior to installing this add-on the start ups were about two minutes faster or more. This was the only change I made/add-on I installed.

            1. Unfortunately it seems that the issue is related to the code snippets and animations that must be loaded by the sim (similarly to how complex aircraft take significantly longer to load)

            2. Progress
            3. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2023-10-29 09:13:51.189Z.