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Osprey - VOR 2 Needle Display ?

By @JBRoberts
    2023-11-01 13:49:04.505Z

    Hello all…love this aircraft ! Could someone let me know how to show the VOR2 direction needle in the MFD/PFD please ? Also is there a DME readout for the VOR2 somewhere ? The VOR1shows up fine on the MFD

    Many thanks

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    1. Clicking on the Autopilot - VORILS Button, you can switch between VOR1 and VOR2

      1. J
        In reply toJBRoberts:
          2023-11-02 17:00:18.069Z

          Thanks a lot and now I can see VOR2 needle

          1. Progress
          2. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2023-11-02 21:57:02.282Z.