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    2023-11-03 15:31:01.389Z

    Good morning Miltech team. I have discovered with the latest update V1.02 that all catapaults 1-4 are no longer able to launch F-14's A-D under "MILPOWER" sucessfully. In order to get off the deck I need to operate my afterburners in all models irregardless of my weight. Under milpower at 65K LBS at full flaps I'm not generating enough lift to get off the deck.

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    1. Hello Adrian,

      Please make sure your assist settings are set to "Real to life". Oftentimes assist settings end up in issues when catapulting.

      That being said, afterburners are generally always used in catapult takeoffs. That extra thrust is necessary given that the aircraft exits the catapult at around 140kts.

      1. AADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
          2023-11-03 18:36:00.794Z

          Good afternoon team. Thanks for responding back. The reason for reporting this issue was that the previous update seemed more true to life as the catapaults operated efficiently under "MILLPOWER" which the throttles are around 85-90% thrust. In true life the early f-14 A's require afterburner to launch because of underperforming engines which were replaced with more powerful motors in the F-14B & D models. Hence the NATOPS called for less power.

          1. The catapults have not been modified since the initial release.

            The catapults onboard Supercarrier Pro are not physically simulated, but rather just accelerate the aircraft to 140kts exactly. Performance of these catapults, as well as performance of aircraft in sim are not representative of real-life equipment.

            I guess it depends on multiple conditions - wind speed and direction, aircraft weight, etc - I was able to takeoff with MIL Power on CVN78 using catapult 3, but was very close from crashing into the water due to unsufficient lift.

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          ADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
            2023-11-03 19:04:41.473Z

            Check Ward Carrolls youtube video on an F-14 B cat shot go to the 12 minute mark for power settings.