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Unable to reposition nacelles

By @Retnavycpo
    2023-11-05 02:15:41.021Z

    The MV-22 is one of my favorite aircraft to fly in MSFS. It is such a wonderfully detailed aircraft! Today I went to fly it, using my new Warthog Joystick/Throttle. I set about configuring control assignments. All was going well until I tried to adjust the nacelles for takeoff. They wouldn't move. I tried assigning to several different buttons on my joystick and also on the throttle. No workee. I even tried using the default keyboard commands. Still nothing. At first I thought perhaps it was my Warthog controllers, but having the same problem using my keyboard tells me that maybe the latest update for the model has caused this?

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    1. @nenenui
        2023-11-05 09:17:12.791Z

        Strange indeed.
        I personally have never seen this problems … and I always use the command binding of my Virpil control gear.

        1. In reply toRetnavycpo:


          This is very likely the result of not setting up the controls correctly. Follow these steps:

          1. Make sure that the two buttons on your joystick are free of any other commands
          2. Configure these buttons to INCREASE COWL FLAP 4 and DECREASE COWL FLAP 4 accordingly (for increase and decrease nacelle angle)
          3. Launch the aircraft. Upon launch, the aircraft starts with low pressure on the hydraulic system (monitor the hydraulic press indicators on the CDU). The Nacelles won't move until at least one of the Hyd systems are Green
          4. Once the Hyd system has enough pressure, press and hold the buttons you have configured to operate the nacelles.

          You can verify your controls are set up correctly as follows:

          1. Notice the warning message on the CDU: "Configure Cowl Flap 4 to operate the nacelles"
          2. Press the two buttons you configured (Nacelles up, then nacelles down).
          3. If the warning message disappears, the controls have been set up correctly.
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