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Osprey - 93% throttle planes jumps in the air then flips every time

By Sean Martin @arrrhhh
    2023-11-11 08:38:45.003Z

    Hi, new to this plane. Not sure what is wrong. Regardless of the position of the rotors once I hit 93% throttle the plane leaps in the air then does a big backflip. Land, carrier doesn't matter. What do I need to set?

    Using warthog hotas. Haven't messed with the default mappings other than set the cowl.

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    1. Is your trim set to anything different to zero (neutral)?

      1. It sounds like you may have the two buttons used for Cowl mapped to trim as well. The issue may be the result of pushing trim to the limits, which does interfere with the aircraft taking off.

        Trim must be neutral for the aircraft to take off normally.

      2. In reply toarrrhhh:

        Another customer had this issue a while back. His hardware was set to trim -100% by default, so the aircraft would always start fully trimmed.

        He fixed it by zeroing his trim so the aircraft starts trim-neutral

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          In reply toarrrhhh:
          Sean Martin @arrrhhh
            2023-11-11 23:31:45.212Z

            Thanks everyone. Just waiting for the last bits and bytes of a full reinstall overnight. I will check and trim and cowl first and report back

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