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Supercarrier Pro v1.0.3 - Released Nov 16th

By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2023-11-16 11:13:23.115Z
    • CVN-76 Island accuracy fixes. Island remodeled to represent late-Nimitz class carriers
    • Modern arrestors can be toggled "always on"
    • Modern arrestors reactivate automatically when you approach again
    • Effectiveness of arresting gear now depends on the aircraft. Arresting gear is now more effective the higher the stall speed of the aircraft
    • Bridge lights off during the daytime
    • Catapult 1 on Nimitz nose dip bug fixed
    • Aircraft-specific general fixes
    • Improved teleporting across all aircraft
    • Improvements to the compatibility of Osprey with moving ships
    • Animations "pointing in wrong direction/wrong side" fixed
    • Night lighting general improvements
    • Fixed misplaced crew at some locations
    • Nimitz deck texture missing double sided.
    • Fixed easy mode possible cheats
    • Improved night lighting on the hangar
    • General backend fixes
    • Tentative fix fo the Navigraph issue
    • LRLS alignment improvements
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      ADRIAN R GRUBER @Adrian29
        2023-11-17 16:56:21.541Z

        Hello all, I just updated my system and have a new issue to report. My Tomcat lines up to the cat but it experiences a little hop and then settles back on deck. It happens when the Tomcat is in taxi mode and when the Tomcat is in idle or about the cold start. Its just a small hop with the portside gear coming off the deck by a couple of inches.

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        2. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2023-11-16 11:13:28.293Z.