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Slow load time after SU14

By Jesse Roland @evilmarmot
    2023-12-06 23:06:30.234Z

    Prior to SU14 everything was fine. Now with supercarrier pro installed I have a 5 minute plus wait for FS to load to the user interface. If I uninstall, behavior goes back to normal. Install again, behavior reproduces itself with another 5 minute plus wait time to the Ui. This wasnt an issue until SU 14.

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    1. Hello,

      We are aware of this issue and it is now under investigation.


      1. S
        In reply toevilmarmot:
          2023-12-26 13:54:02.232Z

          Seconding this report.

          Bought the Supercarrier Pro addon on the Marketplace during MSFS holiday sale, and installing it has effectively quadrupled the sim's startup loading time. It's the best supercarrier implementation in MSFS, but unfortunately I'm having to uninstall it until this critical bug is fixed.

          1. Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
              2023-12-26 13:59:02.720Z2023-12-26 14:06:57.743Z


              We continue investigating the issue. Seems to affect some users more than others, and only seems to affect PC users.

              For the time being, we recommend using a tool such as Addon Linker ( to deactivate when not in use, and activate the product only when being used.

              1. S@Shadow
                  2023-12-26 14:08:21.724Z

                  I understand.

                  To clarify with hard data, yes, I'm playing on PC, Windows 10 64bit, MSFS is installed on an M.2 NVMe drive, I have 32 gigs of RAM (DDR4), an i7 10700K CPU and a 500/250 Mbit internet connection.