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Carrier planes stop flying

By Peter Johnson @Chippy
    2023-12-07 18:28:51.433Z

    When I am using the Supercarrier Pro, I can fly the Harrier off the deck but the engine cuts out despite the the throttle being on full.

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. Does it only happen with the Harrier?

      Are your assistance settings on "Easy" by any chance?

      Do you have the latest version installed (v1.0.3)?

      1. CPeter Johnson @Chippy
          2023-12-08 16:59:11.317Z

          Hello, Yes the problem seems to be with the Harrier. None of the assistance settings are on easy.
          Also, is there a manual I can look at for carrier operations?
          Many thanks for your help.

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          In reply toChippy:
          Peter Johnson @Chippy
            2023-12-08 17:02:02.478Z

            I have checked and the version is 1.02 but there is no prompt to update in Content Manager.

            1. This issue is fixed on V1.0.3.

              Just do a full reinstall of the product and that would get you the latest version available.

            2. C
              In reply toChippy:
              Peter Johnson @Chippy
                2023-12-08 18:42:33.758Z

                Many thanks. I'll do that.
                Is there a manual for operating on the carrier?
                Best wishes