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IndiaFoxtEcho F-14 Compatibility - Supercarrier Pro

By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2023-12-10 23:41:21.003Z

    IndiaFoxtEcho F-14B

    Fully compatible with Supercarrier Pro

    IndiaFoxtEcho F-14A

    The IFE F-14A is presenting compatibility issues with Supercarrier Pro. Upon spawning on moving ships (does not occur on static ships), the engine compressor stall lights light up and upon leaving the deck the engines fail.

    This issue does not exist on the IFE F-14B, and does not occur on static ship with the F-14A.

    It seems to be an issue with the aircraft systems, and IFE has been contacted to assist in addressing the issue. For the time being, we highly recommend only using the F-14B with Supercarrier Pro

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