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carrier pro load issue

By @Dylan
    2023-12-30 08:05:58.804Z

    Hi there, I just installed the new product I have purchased 'super carrier pro and I have issue to open the product.
    watch attached file

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    1. Replied via email, closing the thread.

      1. D
        In reply toDylan:
          2023-12-30 09:43:00.016Z

          Hi, I didn't got any solution from you just an email with no detailes, how to solv the solution, and you closed the topic, why?

          1. As per explained in the email, please attempt reinstalling the product directly to your community folder - eg. Do not change the installation path to a different folder.

          2. Progress
          3. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2023-12-30 09:08:39.058Z.