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Top Gun expansion pack

By @nurmblitz
    2024-01-01 11:40:35.799Z

    I bought two of your products on sale and both set requirement the above mentioned addon on MSFS Marketplace. This file does not exist?

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    1. The Top Gun Expansion is freely available for download on the IN-Sim Marketplace

      1. N@nurmblitz
          2024-01-01 12:46:57.594Z

          No it is not.

            1. Search for "Top Gun" on the MS Marketplace and you'll be able to download from there.

              1. N@nurmblitz
                  2024-01-01 13:09:46.302Z

                  Okay, thanks. Perhaps a "Maverick" addon could describe it better. I don´t have the Super Hornet installed so this thing adds nothing I need?

                  1. The Super Hornet is included with the Top Gun Maverick expansion, among other things required by Supercarrier Pro

          1. N
            In reply tonurmblitz:
              2024-01-03 17:33:20.215Z

              I wonder what do I miss if I skip Maverick? Little nerd with my disc space and Maverick takes half a GB.

                • Stock arrestor cables won't work. You'll have to use "modern arrestor cables" with all aircraft, and cables won't display properly.
                • You'll get shimmering/broken wake effects on moving carriers
                • Some deck objects (eg. crew, vehicles) will be missing
                • FLOLS and LRLS won't work
                • It is possible that other functions, lighting effects, etc. may not work as expected.

                In general, your experience won't be ideal.

              1. N
                In reply tonurmblitz:
                  2024-01-05 17:03:37.579Z

                  Thanks for the info.