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Tipping on runway at low throttle settings in 1.3.0

By David G Witherow @dagwit
    2024-01-07 12:20:24.655Z2024-01-07 12:55:20.830Z

    Apologies if this problem has been solved in 1.3.1, but Orbx is still on 1.3.0, as I noted when I verified my files.

    The MV-22 is tipping forward or back when stopped on the runway with nacelles at 75 degrees and engines just above idle at, in this case, 74% (I do a lot of short landings). If the stick is pushed forward the MV-22 tips forward; if the stick is pulled back the aircraft tips back. Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem:

    This is the throttle setting when I took these shots:

    The aircraft settles when the throttle is closed or when the stick is centred(?) (or not when the stick is centred - see further testing below). The aircraft was stationary - as far as I could judge - when the first two shots were taken, though I notice there's five and a half knots forward speed showing in the cockpit screenshot (on reflection, I was in live weather for this test, so that may have been wind speed). I didn't notice any movement but I was busy taking screenshots, which involves a number of steps to come out of VR, where I usually am. There was certainly no significant movement forward or back that I saw.

    I don't recall seeing this behaviour in previous builds.

    Once again, apologies if this has been fixed in 1.3.1.

    Edit: Did more tests from a runway start after moving the nacelles to 90 degrees but not moving the aircraft. The parking brake was set. The aircraft will tip with the nacelles at 90 degrees once the throttle setting reaches 73%. Whether the nacelles are at 90 degrees or 75 degrees, and the throttle is at 73% or greater (I did a test with the nacelles at 90 degrees and the throttle at 90% and saw the same behaviour) the aircraft will gradually settle back if the stick is released after the aircraft is tipped forward, but will gradually increase the angle of tip if the stick is released after being tipped back.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. This issue is indeed fixed on v1.3.1, and will be available in just a few hours.

      1. D
        In reply todagwit:
        David G Witherow @dagwit
          2024-01-07 12:56:53.094Z

          Rats! I didn't see your reply before my edit. Good news! And I shall look forward to finding 1.3.1 on Orbx. The MV-22 is one of my frequent fliers.