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    2024-03-04 17:28:28.001Z

    When will (EM02) Cape Cod Bay, MA be on MSFS?.

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    1. The update has been released already at all marketplaces except the MS Marketplace. We do not have ETA for release on the MS Marketplace as it is currently ongoing Microsoft approval.

      Please avoid creating multiple threads asking the same question, as it clutters the forums.

      1. P@PBM1A
          2024-03-04 18:18:53.769Z

          has been released already at all marketplaces.......where do I find it?

          1. Depends - where did you get the product from?

            1. P@PBM1A
                2024-03-04 18:21:13.723Z

                from you

                1. P@PBM1A
                    2024-03-04 18:22:58.408Z
                    1. In reply toPBM1A:

                      I guess that means from our webstore. In that case, launch the Contrail App (from the product was originally installed) and under the "Downloads" tab you should see the update available.

                      Bare in mind that some issues are having issues with the Cape Cod location due to a weird MSFS bug - this is a known issue and will be resolved in the next few days.