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By Miltech Simulations @MiltechSimulations
    2024-03-06 19:10:31.365Z2024-04-21 22:10:44.853Z

    V1.0.0 - INITIAL RELEASE March 8, 2024

    Miltech Simulations CH47D is a tandem-rotor, heavy-lift helicopter designed for diverse missions including troop and cargo transport, medical evacuation, and construction support. Its powerful twin engines and counter-rotating rotors provide exceptional lifting capacity for internal or underslung loads. Its robust design and advanced systems allow for operation in demanding environments and ensure the successful completion of critical missions.

    Beautifully Modeled Helicopter: high-quality modeling and texturing throughout - exteriors and interiors.

    • Highly detailed Cockpit Model, with detailed wear and tear throughout.
    • Fully modeled cargo bay.
    • 4K Textures throughout, with sharp details and realistic damage/dirt maps.

    Realistic Animations: including working doors and cargo ramp, accurately rotating Tandem Rotors, Blade Droop, etc.

    Liveries: 13 Liveries, including US Army, RAF, Luftwaffe, Italian Esercito, Spain Ejercito, RCAF, Australian Army, etc. A layered paintkit is available upon request.

    Effects: Downwash effect (water, dirt); engine heat blur, volumetric lighting.

    Flight Model: Tailored flight and engine model, validated through testing and feedback from CH47 pilots and technicians.

    • Specialized flight model that accurately simulates the stability, maneuverability, and capacities of a Tandem Rotor Configuration.
    • The flight model makes use of the native helicopter Flight Model, enhanced with customized parameters to accurately simulate the expected behavior.
    • NOTE: FM Will be migrated to fully native Tandem Support after the release of SU15.

    Sounds: Comprehensive sound pack, developed from sounds recorded on real aircraft.

    • Comprehensive engine and rotor soundset, with distinct sounds for the iconic Blade Slap based on collective, pitch/roll angle, and High G slap.
    • Accurate depiction of APU sounds, FWD Transmission Whine and Ramp hydraulic sounds.

    Cargo Loading Capabilities:

    • 6 External Cargo Loads (Sling loads in both Tandem and Single-sling configurations), including Humvees, UAV Containers, Rhibs and even Helicopter Fuselages. External loads spawn in the world and are picked up by the aircraft by hovering above them.
    • 5 Internal Cargo Loads to choose from, including Medvacs, Troops, Humvee and Pallets.
    • Electronic Flight Bag: A Tablet EFB is included to interact with the aircraft systems - From Fueling to External Loads.

    Navigation Systems: Realistic instrumentation based on documentation from the CH7D.

    • Functional TACAN, ADF and VOR Navigation Systems.
    • Optional Aera-Style GPS, with more GPS options coming up soon (PMS GTN750, TDS GTNXi)

    Mission System: Set of predefined flights with tasks to execute.

    • Missions are designed so the pilot follows a set of Mission Dispatch Instructions but must fully configure, execute, and perform the mission by themselves.
    • These include fully functional Firefighting missions, Cargo Hoist missions, Rescue and Humanitarian missions, and Military Exercise missions.
    • Some missions may require Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro or Miltech Simulations UK Carrier Strike Group, sold separately.

    Complementary *Included* Sceneries and Scenes: The CH47D includes a set of sceneries and scenes to enhance the piloting experience.

    • RAF Odiham EGVO (UK), home of the No. 7, 18 and 27 squadrons.
    • Bryant Airfield PAFR (Alaska), home of the Army Alaska Task Force CH47s.
    • Chabelley Airfield HDCH (Djibouti), a growing US Military Base, key for the stability of the Horn of Africa region.
    • Camp Resilience US01 (Jordan), a fictional military outpost serving as base for Army CH47s.
    • Al Sahra Base US02 (Kuwait), a fictional military outpost serving as base for Army CH47s.
    • Multiple small training facilities, exercise scenes, and rescue scenes.

    V1.0.1 - RELEASED March 12, 2024

    • Improved performance of downwash effects.
    • Downwash effects can now be fully deactivated on the EFB.
    • VHF Radio screen flicker resolved
    • Changes to C&D and Ready to Fly FLT Files
    • In-sim checklist flow edited
    • Changed logic for side door: Top hatch and bottom stairs can be operated independently
    • Changed logic for back ramp and slide: Ramp position can now be manually operated. Changes to EFB UI.
    • Added disclaimer on mission loading screen to deactivate crash detection and avoid the simulator from freezing.
    • Fuel tanks in EFB renamed to "AFT AUX"
    • Copilot side search light missing emissive map fixed.
    • Cyclic Trim Sensibility adjusted
    • Odiham blue taxiway lighting added.
    • Chabelley Airfield blue taxiway lighting added.
    • Minor texturing fixes on the Announcement Indicator and decals around the cockpit.
    • Flight model adjustments to avoid "sideways flight".
    • Aircraft CFG ATC ID Edited
    • Transmission Oil Gauges fixed
    • INOP Pitot Heat fixed
    • Modified the clickspot to hide the EFB due to conflicts with the touchscreen.
    • Beacon Light shining through fuselage fixed
    • Cyclic Trim actuator switches modified to 3-way position
    • Cyclic trim indicators functionality improved
    • APU Light on announcement panel logic edited
    • Cruise Guide Test switch enabled
    • Fuel logic edited to fix bugs with fuel flows between tanks.
    • [Sound adjustments]: Adjusted startup sounds inside/exterior volume
    • [Sound adjustments]: Adjusted exterior APU combustion loop volume
    • [Sound adjustments]: Modified exterior engine combustion volume
    • [Sound adjustments]: Slightly adjusted interior/exterior Forward (FWD) transmission whine
    • [Sound adjustments]: Adjusted some rotor effect blends based on feedback
    • [Sound adjustments]: Replaced interior engine sound samples
    • [Sound adjustments]: Replaced bass/low end samples

    V1.0.2 - RELEASED March 21, 2024

    • Further adjustments to downwash effects. Effect is now more visible with no additional performance impact.
    • OSPD Switch fixed to spring loaded 3-positon
    • APU and Generator switches now have a spring-loaded test position
    • APU is no longer on the test position on C&D
    • Fuel Slider prevented going to 0 to avoid engine failure.
    • Altimeter Drum fixes
    • Pilot models replaced by custom models. FPS issues related to broken pilot animations fixed. Pilot and copilot can be hidden on the EFB.
    • ADF Bug on the rightmost drum fixed.
    • Added new buildings to RAF Odiham
    • Improved memory consumption and performance on included custom airports.
    • Option to hide rearview mirror added to EFB.
    • Option to fold seats added to EFB.
    • Documentation link and QR code added directly to EFB.
    • Rotor blade animations improved
    • Aera GPS can now be moved to glareshield position, center console position is still available.
    • HSI Localizer and glideslope deviation scales adjusted to correct for offsets.
    • Camera quick views for side door, back ramp, hook door.
    • Fixed bug - after internal load is added, aircraft moves "slightly down", triggering automatic closing of the slide, and not permitting slide to extend again.
    • Added C&D Spots to military compounds US01 and US02
    • Rotor animations improved: Improved rotor blur, as well as collective effect in blur animations. Cyclic effect in rotor animations removed for realism.
    • Fuel Flow Gauge marked as RPM x 100 rather than PPH x 100 fixed
    • Added dirty/dusty livery variations to Army Tan, RAF and Australian Army.
    • Water drop from bucket now possible outside missions with keybind TOGGLE WATER RUDDER
    • US Army Green livery texture fix
    • Adjusted engine shutdown sequence timings.
    • Disabled mixture controls on engines to avoid issues with dying engines in incorrect hardware configurations.
    • FUEL PRESS Caution lights logic revised. Caution lights now extinguish when using XFEED.
    • TRQ readings adjusted further.
    • LAX Fire Mission start location relocated. Issues with fire not visible fixed.
    • Adjusted Yaw MOI to increase stability at high speeds.
    • Increased friction on rotor, rotor now slows down faster in case of engine failure

    V1.0.3 - RELEASED March 25, 2024

    • Misplaced PAPI in Bryant Airfield PAFR Fixed
    • Copilot Altimeter INOP Fixed
    • Saving EFB Options is now possible (Experimental)
    • HSI in GPS mode is now locked to waypoint bearing as programmed on Aera GPS.
    • Engine ON 1/2 also makes HYD 1 and 2 lights extinguish (even with XFER off)
    • Lighting added to cargo bay (controlled by dome lights switch)
    • HYD XFER logic edited.
    • Keybinds added:
      Pilot search light = LANDING LIGHT TOGGLE
      Copilot search light = TAXI LIGHT TOGGLE
      Top collision light = WING LIGHT TOGGLE
      Bottom collision light = BEACON LIGHT TOGGLE
      Formation light = LOGO LIGHT TOGGLE
      APU Starter = APU STARTER
      APU Shutdown = APU OFF

    V1.0.4 (V1.0.5 on the MS Marketplace) - RELEASED April 5th, 2024 (LATEST VERSION)

    • Optional accessories: Antennas, Skis, Engine Sand Filters, Remove before flight tags, FLIR, etc.
    • Further adjustments to Saving EFB Options (Experimental)
    • Windshield Wiper too fast fixed
    • FADEC B/U PWR and warning lights logic restructured.
    • Pull for cockpit air should be a “pull” instead of switch fixed
    • Fixed issues with inconsistent time changes with teleporting scripts on missions.
    • Bryant Airfield parking position orientations revised.
    • Added new Checklist tab to tablet EFB.
    • Added option to extend load hooking time to random value between 20-45 sec.
    • Cockpit emergency doors re-weighted normals to fix lighting discrepancies.


    • New native tandem Flight Model
    • New native Engine Model, with accurate torque readings.
    • ECLs GRD Position now limits RPM of engines and rotors as per the real aircraft documentation.
    • TRQ Gauge now behaves closer to the expected torque readings.
    • AFCS (Autopilot) System now enabled, with three modes: HDG Select, BARO Alt hold and RAD Alt hold.
    • Sound triggers adjusted for FM/Engine changes.
    • Optional sound filtering of high-pitched frequencies (experimental)
    • Support for complex GPS Systems (GTN750)
    • Final corrections and edits for checklists
    • Improved external LOD Models on multiplayer (interior not visible fixed)
    • Left Pump + Crossfeed doesnt feed fuel to right engine
    • starting C&D, HYD2 light does not extinguish Fixed
    • Right Landing Light (Pilot Side Search Light) seems to be very dim in comparison to the CoPilot side Fixed
    • Optional Dynamic cockpit vibrations that increase with aircraft speed.
    • Opacity of glass adjusted

    Future Updates

    • Optional animated copilot visible in the cockpit.
    • Optional Refueling Boom
    • Optional Side Hoist
    • Solution for external cargo loading on carriers
    • Improved mission system/more missions
    • Wheel Chocks
    • Blade tiedowns
    • 39 replies

    There are 39 replies. Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

    1. T
        2024-03-06 20:38:29.369Z

        Exciting news, Looking forward to release day. Have a lot of family history with the Hook.

        1. T@Tasker
            2024-03-08 10:52:38.993Z

            Looking on Orbx, Is there a specific time it will be posted?

            1. ORBX Won't release today. Today's release is exclusive to

              ORBX will come in a couple of weeks :)

              1. T@Tasker
                  2024-03-08 10:57:08.172Z

                  Copy, will keep checking for it to post on home site. That’s even better, you get all the funds.

            2. N
                2024-03-08 16:13:36.410Z

                I'm sorry but I can't understand what "paintkit is available upon request" meaning.
                Do I need to email or something to get the paint kit?
                Or meaning that it will be available in the future?

                1. Send us an email and we'll send it to you.

                2. T
                  Noel Richardson @Tatsukoa808
                    2024-03-09 17:17:31.958Z

                    Can I get a confirmation on a couple of things:

                    Blade length: Is it just me or do the blades seem to be bit too long? I may be out of pocket. My reference aircraft is a CH46e, that's what I am use to. I know that's a smaller helo. Would love some insight from a 47 driver.
                    Engine Torque gauge: Is that broken right now? I can hover with 20% torque, that's crazy.
                    Will there be an option to turn off or lower the engagement altitude of the rotorwash effects, right now it's engaging at 100-150 feet

                    Love the initial release and looking forward to the updates!
                    Semper FI

                    1. Noel,

                      Re: Torque, this is a current shortcoming of the current flight model. Will be fixed with the release of SU15 and support for native tandem rotors. We basically had to create a frictionless system for everything to work well, which means that the engines are barely doing any work (and therefore, barely any torque) unless you increase the collective quite a bit.

                      As for the Rotor wash effects, an update is coming tomorrow in this regard.

                      As for the blades, these are 30ft long. Accurately modeled :)

                      1. TNoel Richardson @Tatsukoa808
                          2024-03-09 17:29:22.651Z

                          Awesome thank you for the updates!!! Look forward to seeing them!

                      2. S
                        Jason Downey @skymonkey75
                          2024-03-09 22:57:09.290Z

                          CH47 technician for the past 12 years and I've notice a few small details. Outstanding to finally see the Chinook in the simulator and applaud the amount of work and time put into this add on.

                          · EAPS is not installed and therefore not required to be turned on, if they were installed - there would be no reason to have the by-pass doors open with the fans turned on. The by-pass doors are used when the fan fails and the engine still requires air.
                          · It would be nice if the ramp had a 'level" position - level to the floor (I may missed this)

                          1. Jason,

                            Thanks for your feedback, will add those to our internal list to review

                          2. Z
                            Comment deleted
                            1. Will be available when ready :) Likely not today as we continue modifying and debugging stuff.

                              1. RKB @Rafman72
                                  2024-03-12 10:19:18.734Z

                                  Is there an update due today 12th March?

                                  1. Yes, should be out anytime soon.

                              2. B
                                Al Madden @BigAlsPlayin
                                  2024-03-12 14:41:39.108Z

                                  I just totally love this Heli . Thanks so much for all your hard work & bring us such a wonderful aircraft . Hope you don't mind have dropped a few problems I've come across .
                                  Would love to get your advise on fixing them .



                                  1. T
                                      2024-03-12 16:03:21.990Z

                                      Miltech CH-47D

                                      -Aircraft can be flown with condition levers in GND
                                      -On C&D load APU GEN switch is in TEST position.
                                      -Cargo Door Ramp plays a mechanical sound on deployment. IRL Are manually deployed.
                                      -With camera and Co-Pilot position Left/Right quick view moves camera to Pilot Left/Right position.

                                      -Ability to remove mirror in flight deck with click spot.
                                      -Camera quick view for Ramp and Cargo Hatch.

                                        • can be flown with condition levers in GND: This will be fixed with SU15 and the new flight model. This is a current shortcoming of this FM.
                                        • On C&D load APU GEN switch is in TEST position: Noted
                                        • Cargo Door Ramp plays a mechanical sound on deployment: the ramp or the slide? the ramps are hydraulic
                                        • With camera and Co-Pilot position Left/Right quick: Not too sure what you mean here
                                        • Ability to remove mirror in flight deck with click spot.: Planned
                                        • Camera quick view for Ramp and Cargo Hatch.: Planned
                                        1. T@Tasker
                                            2024-03-14 21:14:12.790Z

                                            Referring to the fold down ramps that in the Tablet are labeled “Slide”

                                            Regarding the copilot seat views , Is there a discord I can send you the video through this form system will not accept videos.

                                        2. W
                                          Comment deleted
                                          1. The base product, as well as all future versions are always available at the Contrail App. You do not need to install other apps.

                                            Just launch the Contrail App and under downloads you will see the update available.

                                          2. K
                                              2024-03-13 18:36:19.581Z

                                              Hi, thank you for the wonderful C47D! I bought V1.01 today and tested it straight away.
                                              But the downwash effect is gone! It is activated in the EFB! Thanks and Greetings.

                                              1. Effects are definitely there - but perhaps lighter than you may expect. We are working on improving them but its a delicate balance between performance and looks.

                                                1. K@Kamow52
                                                    2024-03-13 21:58:39.051Z

                                                    There is no difference between on and off.

                                                    1. There should be - At least I see it on my end. You should see a faint cloud of dust when hovering at around 30-50ft above ground. More noticeable when hovering above water.

                                                      As I said, this is being improved with careful consideration of performance impact.

                                                  • In reply toKamow52:
                                                      2024-03-22 09:16:30.586Z2024-03-22 09:28:44.057Z

                                                      Must say I've never seen any downwash effect with either 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 - not even faint clouds. And I've definitely checked it's not disabled in the tablet. Feels like there might be either a graphics setting or conflict with some other mod that's preventing it from showing up.

                                                      I should be seeing some kind of downwash in this scenario, right? I've tried over a few different surface in case that's it, but still nothing.

                                                      1. No idea - the downwash are custom effects so it shouldn’t be any problem. I’ll do some digging.

                                                        Can you confirm its not visible from the outside cam, at around 40-50ft above ground?

                                                        1. F@FlakNine
                                                            2024-03-22 09:40:01.203Z

                                                            I'll test it. Can you give me an airfield / location where it's definitely known to work please.

                                                            1. Anywhere should work. More visible over water and sand.

                                                              1. F@FlakNine
                                                                  2024-03-22 09:58:50.129Z2024-03-22 10:11:16.751Z

                                                                  OK all good - sorry for the false alarm! There's quite a narrow band of altitude where it works. I'd (mistakenly?) expected to see some downwash just as the wheels leave the ground, but it seems I need to be higher to see it. My previous tests must have passed through that band too quick to see anything.

                                                                  1. Has more to do with collective amounts rather than altitude. Increased collective will lift more dirt. Particularly noticeable in hovers. Perhaps could be tweaked a little more

                                                        2. 4
                                                          David @47mech
                                                            2024-03-14 21:08:23.861Z

                                                            Having trouble finding it in market place on Xbox, any suggestions?

                                                            1. Not released for Xbox yet. Will take 2-3 weeks more.

                                                              1. 4David @47mech
                                                                  2024-03-14 21:10:31.227Z

                                                                  Roger, can't wait! Thank you!

                                                              2. B
                                                                  2024-03-15 16:02:02.362Z
                                                                  1. How do l get the updates?
                                                                  2. Should l get the V1.0.1 12th March now or can l wait till V1.0.2 18th March and get both?
                                                                  3. Have tried posting the following question on the forum,
                                                                    but there doesn't seem to be a post button for some reason.
                                                                  1. B@bigcav
                                                                      2024-03-15 16:05:28.163Z

                                                                      Sorry should have attached this before sending above email.

                                                                      Love this aircraft!
                                                                      I have waited along time for it.
                                                                      I tried flying on line using JoinFS, the aircraft displays ok except
                                                                      for its front wheels dug into the ground,
                                                                      But when flying the other his aircraft does not leave the ground, just flies
                                                                      along it. nor does it display any height data. My aircraft looks the same to the guy l am flying with on his set,
                                                                      Both our aircraft display and fly fine on our own sets.
                                                                      Hope this makes sense.


                                                                      1. In reply tobigcav:

                                                                        All updates are distributed on the app where you got the product (Contrail or ORBX Central). Just launch the app, and you will see the updates available under the downloads section. Easy.

                                                                        You can get updates anytime you want. Updates will be fully reinstalled, so all files are replaced. You can go from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 without installing 1.01, same story with any future version.

                                                                        Unfortunately I'm unable to help you with FlyFS as I'm not familiar with the software or how it handles our model. Our product relies a lot on code that is not externally available over multiplayer, so it is expected that things may not function correctly, especially with 3rd party MP software.

                                                                      2. M
                                                                          2024-03-18 19:40:53.263Z

                                                                          I am a retired CH-47ABCD IP with 4,000+ hours
                                                                          Your team has developed an outstanding CH-47. Your programmers and design artist did an amazing job.
                                                                          I have a few ideas for your considerations

                                                                          1. Torque readings are not accurate when starting engines ( too high) , when moving the ECL to flight, and the torque should increase when trust lever is applied during normal and sling load operations. ( not to exceed 810 Lbs torque for 10 seconds).
                                                                          2. Cruise guide indicator should indicate relate forward airspeed in relation to speed trims not trust lever increase.
                                                                          3. Forward rotor blades tip path plane is too low.
                                                                          4. When ECL's are in ground position when starting rpm should be much lower, and increase when moved to flight position.
                                                                            5.When shutting down rotor system rpm does not decrease for a long time.
                                                                            These are by no means criticisms of your simulation, just suggestions to make it more real
                                                                            Thank you for your consideration.
                                                                          1. Hello,

                                                                            Thanks for your words and feedback. Most of the items you mention are being worked on, and will be fixed in future updates.


                                                                            1. M@Majorjack
                                                                                2024-03-18 19:50:09.738Z

                                                                                Thank you Gabriel
                                                                                You guys did a fantastic job with this project
                                                                                Keep up the great work

                                                                                1. M@Majorjack
                                                                                    2024-04-06 20:28:38.376Z

                                                                                    the latest update is consistently getting better.

                                                                                    1. Crew chief outside helicopter during startup and shut down
                                                                                    2. Include blade tie-downs and engine covers to be removed before flight
                                                                                    3. It would enhance the realism if a crew chief could verbally respond to the pilots regarding startup, sling load operations, shut down, etc.
                                                                                      ready on APU start, fireguard posted on engine starts
                                                                                      Sling load operations: directions when hovering over loads, i.e. down 2, over left 4, etc, load is hooked, men are clear, up 5, sling is tight, up 10, load is off the ground, load secure for flight
                                                                                      Again these are only suggestions
                                                                                      your aircraft is outstanding
                                                                                      Thank you for your consideration.
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