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Battery-Switch Bug

By @Maverick_2000
    2024-03-08 15:33:12.137Z

    Hi. Every time when i set the battery-switch to "on" the rotor starts rotating. Is this a bug?

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    1. Is this related to CH47D?

      Battery switch does not make the rotors rotate. However, if you moved your ECLs to GRD, or your starter is set, you may get rotors rotating. Please, if this is not the case, send us a video to take a look.

      1. M
        In reply toMaverick_2000:
          2024-03-08 16:27:47.129Z

          Yes, it is related to the CH-47D.
          I made a video but i cannot upload it. Can you tell me where i should upload the video?

          1. Youtube is the best option, You can also share it on our discord: