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Can't seem to adjust the CH47D External Engine sound.

By Al Madden @BigAlsPlayin
    2024-03-12 14:33:07.624Z

    I love the Heli guys great job. just 1 thing .

    I can't seem to adjust the CH47D External Engine sound.

    I tested on your Osprey i have in the SIM & that works fine. External Engine sounds works fine on other aircraft I have, so can't be my sim .
    I also made sure have minimal things in the community to avoid any issues .

    See my testing below

    If it's just me that's fine but thought would let you know

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    1. I'll take a look, the guys who developed the tool are good friends and I can ask them. However, this being a 3rd party tool, not sure how it may be using the sound mix to adjust volumes. There are tons of little sounds that the CH47D has and likely its not structured in a way that is friendly to the Flow Toolbar.

      You can always adjust sounds through the MSFS Sounds menu.

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        In reply toBigAlsPlayin:
        Al Madden @BigAlsPlayin
          2024-03-13 05:41:43.264Z2024-03-14 00:16:23.776Z

          Yeah thought could be flow causing an issue but removed Flow & every thing else from community folder except the CH47d & your Osprey which i used as a test heli .

          From the vid you'll see the Osprey external engine sounds adjusts up & down from outside & inside .

          However even though the CH47D adjusts inside fine . Outside it seems to stay 100 % volume even when I have turned down to 0% in SIM settings

          Any help would be good or has anyone else reported this issue .

          Second Test below nothing in Community Folder