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CH47D takes off on its own

By Al Madden @BigAlsPlayin
    2024-03-12 14:36:48.293Z

    Other issue I seem to be having is

    Every time I go into any of the SIM menus to do any thing like adjust sound etc . When I resume in the Heli , it takes off all by it's self . I don't touch any thing at all . Again if this is just me that ok . Let me know & I'll keep checking my SIM but doesn't happen with any other Heli or aircraft including your Osprey

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. Seems that somewhere in your controls (hardware, keyboard, etc.) you have FULL THROTTLE 2 assigned.
      Notice how only one engine is spooling up, which would indicate that. I'm unable to replicate this, so most likely has to do with a keybind.

      Will force the conditions to do some experimenting.

      1. There is a similar problem around, but with mixture and engines shutting down:

        You're kind of having the exact opposite to this situation

    2. B
      In reply toBigAlsPlayin:
      Al Madden @BigAlsPlayin
        2024-03-13 05:33:33.271Z

        Yes thank you that resolved the issue . One of my other controllers it's thrust 2 was set to full . So sorry about bothering you guys about this one . Thanks so much for your help though - Resolved