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CH47D Fuel Gauge Inaccuracy

By Wez Healy @Quantiad
    2024-03-13 22:00:17.340Z

    Good evening!

    As fuel in the aircraft decreases, the 'Total' fuel selection shows full scale deflection. Moving the rotary selector away from 'Total' shows a decrease in fuel quantity in specific areas but returning back to 'Total' displays full tanks.


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    1. Wez, not too sure what you mean. I see it all correct on my end.

      Could you please explain more in detail, perhaps adding a few images?

      1. QWez Healy @Quantiad
          2024-03-13 22:33:21.597Z


          I’ll try and recreate and capture some images tomorrow.

          I was down to 55% fuel according to MSFS yet the Total fuel was showing full scale deflection. When I rotated the selector knob, the fuel in each area showed less than full scale, with some selections showing zero, which is what I’d expect as fuel volume decreases in various tanks. I rotated the knob back to the centre position ‘Total’ and it showed full fuel or at least full scale deflection on the fuel gauge.

          Unless the maximum fuel quantity displayed on that gauge doesn’t represent the maximum internal fuel capacity? Would 55% fuel still be more than the limit of the gauge?

          I’ll have a play around tomorrow. It could well be my misunderstanding.


          1. QWez Healy @Quantiad
              2024-03-14 15:08:18.208Z


              Yep, ignore this problem, my mistake. The gauge only shows 2300lbs max but the total capacity is much more, so it should be full scale at 55%.



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