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CH-47 and carrier group

By Philip Kuffner @RePhil
    2024-03-16 18:23:04.444Z

    How do you use the TCAN in the 47 and does it even work on the carriers

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    1. Set the TACAN freq on the TACAN panel, then change your HSI Nav mode to TCN (button right under the HSI)

      Only static Carriers have TACAN frequencies, more info here:

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        In reply toRePhil:
        Philip Kuffner @RePhil
          2024-03-16 19:13:51.360Z

          OK thanks looks like it is not on the UK carrier

          1. All static UK Carriers use TACAN 21X

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            Philip Kuffner @RePhil
              2024-03-16 19:20:38.206Z


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