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CH47 several questions.

By Jack Sawyer @JackSwyr
    2024-03-17 16:11:59.721Z

    Hello, I just bought this aircraft and I'm curious about some functions in the helicopter.

    1. Why don't I see the RPM increase or decrease when using the buttons in the cockpit?

    2. In any mode on the HSI I have never once seen the CDI bar move. I've locked on to the KBOS VOR and it never moved. Same for the stock MSFS GPS, when selected it never moves. And VOR, it picks up the KBOS VOR but not the EGDM (BDN) 109.60 VOR.

    3. Why don't I see dust kicked up like I do in the YouTube videos?

    I was going to mention the ADF third digit but saw someone else posted about this.

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate it.

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    1. I’d need some clarification,

      Regarding 1. - do you mean the Engine Control Levers do nor affect the RPM?

      Regarding 2. The HSI does move, but its very sensitive to small deviations. This has been fixed on the upcoming update.

      Regarding 3. Effects have been modified for performance. V1.0.2, releasing in a couple of days, will use new, improved effects for better looks

      1. JJack Sawyer @JackSwyr
          2024-03-17 16:18:17.713Z

          Thanks for replying, I mean using the mouse arrow cursor to push the red buttons to either increase or decrease the RPM. When I do that nothing happens. I have it bound to a TQ-6 throttle and the helicopter lifts off and flies nicely but never shows any increase or decrease in RPM that way either.

          Ok, thanks for the info for #3.

          Regarding #2...You never answered. No problem, I can wait.

          1. The two buttons you are referring to are the two individual rotor trims.

            These two are INOP due to lack of support of tandem rotors natively. Instead, keybinds for LONGITUDINAL CYCLIC TRIM INCREASE and DECREASE are available.

            You can map these two to two buttons on your hardware, and control the aircraft cyclic trim that way.

            This will be noted in the manual soon.

            1. JJack Sawyer @JackSwyr
                2024-03-17 16:24:24.941Z

                Ok, thanks. Yes, this is exactly how I have the TQ-6 mapped.

                Much appreciated.

            2. JJack Sawyer @JackSwyr
                2024-03-18 02:05:59.813Z

                I didn't see your reply regarding item #2. I meant the CDI on the HSI. As you get to the VOR's radial the CDI should move to center, any deviation and it'll move left or right away from center, it will even move in very large amounts. I used to install and test these same instruments on the F-111 in the Air Force.

                1. I did reply - the CDI does move, but there is currently a bug (fixed on V1.0.2 coming up in a couple of days) that the deviation scale is way too low, making it very sensitive to small deviations. Hence it may not be moving unless you are perfectly aligned with the VOR. Minimal deviations will make it move aggressively away from the center.

                  Anyways, this is fixed on the update.

                  1. JJack Sawyer @JackSwyr
                      2024-03-18 11:19:51.143Z

                      Oh, ok, apologies. Much appreciated.

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