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Supercarrier Pro-propeller engine decreases to idle after takeoff

By Myrone MD @Dr.Myrone
    2024-03-23 15:19:57.263Z

    Dear All,
    My first post here, be blessed.
    Having Purchased yesterday the Supercarrier Pro package. To my dismay a new problem made his apparition. At takeoff, 5 to 10 seconds after lift off the engine returned to idle speed and the aircraft made an abrupt bank to the left and headed to the ground. It happed to at least three single engine airplanes.
    Not checked with jet aircrafts yet.
    Am feeling lost.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Myrone MD

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    1. Haven’t test prop engines much so it very well be the case that our teleport scripts are messing around with the engines.

      Please try jets and let me know if the issue continues. Please also let me know what aircraft have you tried so I can do some more research.

      1. D
        In reply toDr.Myrone:
        Myrone MD @Dr.Myrone
          2024-03-23 17:20:14.095Z

          Thanks your prompt reply.
          Well, looks like that on the aircraft carriers (FC01 & FC05) two props (Zlin savage cub &Drifter A-582) behave
          on a crazy manner: the start to run without being asked for and terminate their course either with a damaged
          landing gear (?), colliding with an object or falling to the sea.
          on the firm ground, the Zlin Savage and cessna 152 behave normally, this isn't the case of the Drifter A-582
          or the Embraer EMB200 losing power and banking direct to the ground.
          The Fairchild A10AThunderbolt behaves normally on the ground, I couldnt check it in a carrier due to the fact
          that I am not acquainted yet with the catapult,
          Could it be possible to check if the fact of installing the Supercarrier Pro did modify some parameters on the
          asistance options in MSFS2020 ?
          Thanks and kind regards,

          1. Thanks for the information. Let me look into it.

            1. DMyrone MD @Dr.Myrone
                2024-04-02 13:10:12.985Z

                Please allow me to inform you that all propeller acfts lose power at takeoff (UGB43) and fall into the sea.
                Additionally lost of power happens also on solid ground incl. colliding with unseen objects, it happens on the first
                flight after flights starting at a carrier. Reboot dosent help at most occasions.
                Now also the radio conversations went crazy.
                Should Miltech sim. to consider refund, I have uninstalled supercarriers pro package.
                Dr, Myrone, MD

                1. Myrone,

                  1. ICAO Codes by UGB are not included in our Supercarrier Pro product. These ICAO codes are only included with our (no longer supported, considered a legacy product) USS George Bush carrier product.
                  2. UGB43 does not represent any included location with this product. I was able to do some digging and found that we created this custom location for you on July 2023 for USS George Bush. This is months before the release of Supercarrier Pro, which was released in September 2023. All Supercarrier Pro locations can be found here listed with their corresponding ICAO codes. Any ICAO not listed here is not a Supercarrier Pro location:
                  3. USS George Bush does NOT have any sort of catapult systems, and as such the aircraft has limited deck space to accelerate or otherwise will end up in the water. This lack of features is the reason why the product was retired as soon as Supercarrier Pro became available. Users who bought USS George Bush were offered an upgrade discount. I was able to verify that you did not upgrade to Supercarrier Pro until a few days ago.
                  4. As soon as you upgrade to Supercarrier Pro, all previous USS George Bush carriers should be removed from your system. Both products are compatible with each other, but considering the lack of features and the fact that all locations from the original GWB Package have been replaced with Supercarrier locations, it is a little redundant to have both products installed.
                  5. Based on your comments, and the fact that you are reporting issues on UGB43, it is safe to assume that you have not explored the features included in Supercarrier Pro. For that, I invite you to take a look at the manual and tutorial video to guide you on how to use the product:
                  6. Radio is completely unaffected by Supercarrier Pro - there is zero connection between both except for the UNICOM frequencies some carrier features. Any issues with ATC and Radio communications cannot be attributed to our product.
                  7. Similarly, colliding with unseen/invisible objects on the ground far from any carrier cannot be attributed to Supercarrier Pro, as it only acts in the boundaries of a carrier ship.
                  1. DMyrone MD @Dr.Myrone
                      2024-04-02 15:52:14.466Z

                      Will study your reply and revert,