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CH-47D No raindrops visible on the glass from exterior views

By Ignacio Docio @DigFS
    2024-03-23 19:13:52.025Z

    I have noticed that in rainy weather, from the interior view you can see the drops falling on the cabin windows, but in the exterior views, the windows remain dry.

    To confirm that it was not a problem with my system, I tried loading one of the simulator's default planes with the same weather and the drops were visible both from inside and from the outside views.

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    1. This is intentional. No rain material was applied to the outside view for better control of the glass materials, and since drops are barely visible we figured it wasn’t really a necessity

      1. Ignacio Docio @DigFS
          2024-03-23 19:23:13.919Z

          Thank you for the reply.
          It is true that it is not essential and it is true that MSFS has to improve the rain effect in the outside view, but when there is a lot of rain, the effect is noticeable, so it breaks the immersion a bit.
          Maybe you could consider implementing it in future updates?

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        • @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2024-03-24 09:32:24.831Z.