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Missions Causing Crashing

By @coffeeguy66
    2024-03-24 18:46:25.450Z


    I've got crash detection disabled in the dev mode for msfs 2020. I can play the Queen Elizabeth carrier mission no problem but all the other missions the screen changes like it's respawning the Chinook to the new location and then I have to restart the event as the chopper has crashed, damaged it's landing gear, that kind of thing.
    I have changed from Thrustmaster Captains pack to the Thrustmaster T16000 hotas, so I'm wondering if it's the controls. Will have to swap them over and give it a go.

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    1. Deactivate crash detection from the Assistance Settings menu, not the DevMode menu.

      That will solve the problem.

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        In reply tocoffeeguy66:
          2024-03-25 00:08:21.919Z

          Thanks for your fast reply , much appreciated.

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          2. @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2024-03-29 19:10:24.630Z.