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By @Zarik
    2024-03-28 15:39:40.147Z


    I am sure it's something I am doing wrong, but I cannot hear ATC, I can her my pilots voice but no replies. What have I done wrong, please?

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    1. Do you have this issue in any other aircraft?

      The CH47 does not affect ATC communication in any way. May be a one-off error, or some other issue unrelated to the aircraft. However, please let me know if the issue persists

    2. Z
      In reply toZarik:
        2024-03-28 16:18:36.110Z

        Hi, thank you for such a speedy reply. I rebooted MSFS and tried another helicopter - was reminded why I love yours! ATC worked fine. So I reloaded yours and ATC works fine too. So just an MSFS glitch.

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