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Supercarrier Pro Latest version 1.1.1 causes CTDs/Long Decompression Issue/Stuck on Please Wait

By alqobais @alqobais
    2024-03-29 19:43:10.657Z

    After the installing Supercarrier Pro latest update (version 1.1.1), MSFS crashed, I launched MSFS again, it won't launch!, So I removed the module/package and MSFS launched, and Supercarrier Pro started to download and when reaching the installation step, it stuck! , now I had to remove it and stop the installation in order for MSFS to work, needs to be fixed!

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    1. This issue has not been reported yet, so very likely is localized to your system only. For this reason, CTDs are very challenging to investigate so I would need some of your help to address the issue.

      Please let me know the following:

      • Is this PC or Xbox?
      • Did you have any problems before with Supercarrier Pro?
      • Does it crash on sim start or when starting a flight?

      Keep in mind that after the product reaches the final installation step you must wait for a few minutes - some users are reporting this could take a while for the product to properly unpack and install. I'm checking with Microsoft why the product is taking so long to unpack.

      It is very likely that you are closing the sim prepaturely, which results in a corrupted installation and therefore a CTD.

      1. Aalqobais @alqobais
          2024-03-29 19:47:17.281Z
          • PC
          • no problems before, just after the latest update
          • the sim won't launch at all until Supercarrier Pro removed and when reinstalling again, after finished downloading, it stuck on "please wait" message.
          1. Please wait until the installation finishes. The CTDs are due to the product not installing correctly. Some users are reporting decompressing may take up to 30 mins in some cases.

            Other customers are mentioning this solution worked for them:

            Seems to be a MSFS Marketplace issue, we have raised it to MS/Asobo for further investigation.

            Ps: Renamed the thread for clarity and solutionfinding for other users with the same issue.

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        • @MiltechSimulations closed this topic 2024-03-30 06:21:41.531Z.