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VOR/DME Indications (version 1.0.3)

By Wez Healy @Quantiad
    2024-03-29 22:36:02.028Z2024-03-31 17:51:21.915Z

    I tuned the 117.3 DME at NZPP. I selected VOR on the HSI but received no range information all the way to the beacon and the VOR needle was centred throughout, even when spinning the course around. I'd have expected a full-scale deflection associated with no VOR signal and a range readout from the DME at some point.

    I then flew to NZWN and set VOR/DME WN 112.3. When I received a signal the indications were what I think is normal. I received an appropriate needle deflection, a range and a 'NAV' flag. When I lost signal due to terrain, the needle moved to the centre. I think the needle should full-scale deflect when not receiving a VOR signal.

    Thanks for investigating and thanks for fixing the ADF.

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    1. Hello Wez,

      Thanks for the report. Will take a look.