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GeneralLH82023-11-11 23:00:36.031Z
General02022-11-08 21:55:37.503Z
Osprey v1.0.1 - RELEASED Nov 15th, 2022
GeneralCFUJ202024-01-26 20:19:06.538Z
Supercarrier Pro - KNOWN BUGS
GeneralJU32024-01-19 20:20:13.413Z
Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight as we proudly present the legendary CH47 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator!. Get ready to take on loads onboard the most iconic heavy-lift helicopter.
GeneralDO52023-11-21 21:12:46.051Z
(EM02) Cape Cod Bay, MA
Why doesn't (EM02) Cape Cod Bay, MA show on my MFFS?
QuestionsP22024-02-20 18:48:00.244Z
Can You?
Can you place a moving carrier off of Boston?
GeneralPP62024-02-20 18:43:17.463Z
I've been having this problem for at least two months now (I play on Xbox One Cloud). I've been trying to complete the TOPGUN F18 carrier landing training mission, but it ALWAYS fails me because the game keeps calling me too high or too low, or just ...
QuestionsB12024-02-20 16:24:35.644Z
Issue: Launcher freezes 3rd party DC design f-14 on CVN 77 (Mil tec) After loading MSFS and selecting CVN 77 as departure and setting up f-14 for cat shot, Then loading and connecting launcher controls freeze. (Both keyboard and XBOX controller). The...
QuestionsAB92024-02-20 16:13:02.379Z
No Cyclic Controls with Puma X with MV22B
Can't Control Cyclic with my Pro Flight Trainer Puma X with the Osprey MV22B, Please help/advise.
GeneralSS22024-02-17 13:42:13.939Z
Explain icons...
Multiple Questions.
In the next Osprey update can you make CMV-22B have a Thumbnail picture that reflects the visual distinctions? When the Sim selects the 22 as an AI aircraft for ground scenery, there are visual errors. The engines are shown as running, The proprotors...
GeneralT12024-02-09 14:32:48.673Z
Carriers on Xbox
Can u add functionable hanger bays and carrier spawn points to your world carrier groups on Xbox like you have on PC for the super carrier by the way the super carrier is not available on Xbox anymore can you make aircraft carriers on Xbox where I ca...
GeneralSS92024-01-27 18:12:33.528Z
Supercarrier Pro -- crew animations
Hi guys -- thank you for your excellent work on this product. The carriers look gorgeous and function beautifully on Xbox. It's a HUGE value-add to MSFS. For future updates, I think adding smooth and accurate animations for the yellow shirts and gree...
GeneralE12024-01-26 08:13:01.308Z
Assigning Functions to the Joystick
In Supercarrier Pro, some functions (brakes, flaps, ailerons, pitch, etc., work. Others don’t. (Landing gear, trim.) please advise. Also, it’s incredibly cumbersome to have to redirect the camera, go to curser mode, scroll to functions like landing g...
GeneralTH142024-01-08 20:45:08.647Z
Tipping on runway at low throttle settings in 1.3.0
Apologies if this problem has been solved in 1.3.1, but Orbx is still on 1.3.0, as I noted when I verified my files. The MV-22 is tipping forward or back when stopped on the runway with nacelles at 75 degrees and engines just above idle at, in this c...
GeneralDD22024-01-07 12:56:53.094Z
If you are experiencing pink (missing) textures on the cockpit GPS, do the following: Make sure you're on the latest available version of both the Osprey (v1.3.1) and the Osprey Livery Pack (v1.1.1) If you are using custom liveries (community/non-off...
General02024-01-07 09:28:41.396Z
MV-22 Osprey Issue
I recently downloaded the osprey and amphibious ready group bundle. When I select the osprey in the aircraft selection it warns me that I am missing downloadable content and the aircraft might not fully work. I have checked and I have both the amphib...
QuestionsN22024-01-05 22:59:02.418Z
Top Gun expansion pack
Hello, I bought two of your products on sale and both set requirement the above mentioned addon on MSFS Marketplace. This file does not exist?
GeneralNN92024-01-05 17:03:37.579Z
NAS Miramar - Xbox
The Xbox-optimized version has just been released. This version of the product is "as light as it gets without removing further detail", and collapses texture sizes, adds heavy LODing and removes unnecessary detail to run better on Xbox. The product ...
General02024-01-05 09:03:56.061Z
Supercarrier elevator issue
I seem to be having an issue that my aircraft would constantly bounce when using the carrier elevator. Crash damage has already been disabled in the FS2020 setting. below link is a short video of the issue:
GeneralKK22024-01-03 13:03:54.995Z
carrier pro load issue
Hi there, I just installed the new product I have purchased 'super carrier pro and I have issue to open the product. watch attached file
GeneralD32023-12-30 15:42:07.638Z
Slow load time after SU14
Prior to SU14 everything was fine. Now with supercarrier pro installed I have a 5 minute plus wait for FS to load to the user interface. If I uninstall, behavior goes back to normal. Install again, behavior reproduces itself with another 5 minute plu...
GeneralES42023-12-26 14:08:21.724Z
RE: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024
Well, this one was unexpected for all of us. Probably too soon, definitely not the best way of announcing it... but it seems we have a new sim.
GeneralS12023-12-26 14:02:42.839Z
does supercarrier work with cj simulation rafale marine?
was about to buy your supercarrier and was wondering if it was compatible with cj simulation rafale thank you
QuestionsH212023-12-21 15:13:48.427Z
IndiaFoxtEcho F-14 Compatibility - Supercarrier Pro
IndiaFoxtEcho F-14B Fully compatible with Supercarrier Pro IndiaFoxtEcho F-14A The IFE F-14A is presenting compatibility issues with Supercarrier Pro. Upon spawning on moving ships (does not occur on static ships), the engine compressor stall lights ...
General02023-12-10 23:41:21.003Z
Carrier planes stop flying
When I am using the Supercarrier Pro, I can fly the Harrier off the deck but the engine cuts out despite the the throttle being on full.
GeneralC62023-12-08 19:12:03.432Z
engines wont accelerate!
When Im on any carrier when I push the throttle forward it wont accelerate to any chosen launch pad!
GeneralP12023-11-28 00:02:04.646Z
MS2020 SuperCarrier Pro
I bought and installed this last night, I keep running into an issue every time I spawn on a carrier (static or moving). Issue is I'm brought to my desktop, with the game still running and game sound going, but the games graphics have sort of become ...
Questions7752023-11-27 23:37:45.581Z
Supercarrier - Toolbar
Hello, I purchased the Supercarrier Pro for MSFS, and don't understand how to access / use the launch controls. There is no toolbar matching the name "MilTech Supercarrier" as shown in the manual and YouTube videos. However, there is a toolbar presen...
GeneralJ2BJ282023-11-27 16:31:43.843Z
Supercarier Pro causes long startup time of MSFS.
Hello, after installing Supercarrier Pro, the startup time of my MSFS is 4 minutes 25 seconds, without it 1 minute 45 seconds. I have already emptied the community folder. My MSFS (PC) is from the Microsoft Store and I bought the Supercarrier Pro in ...
GeneralZ752023-11-25 07:02:13.282Z
name (ZC04) West Palm Beach, FL description Nimitz Class CVN76 - STATIC CARRIER When I take off from there to an airport, why do the engines just shut off by them self?
QuestionsPT292023-11-25 06:59:16.603Z
Loading freezes when starting flight on Supercarrier in Multiplayer mode
It doesn't happen when not in multiplayer, I've tried different carrier locations and it won't start, freezes mid load. Great work btw, please keep up!
GeneralP32023-11-24 13:48:44.854Z
USS George Bush Upgrade Instructions
Hi, What is the upgrade process for current USS George Bush customers. The announcement page on the forums (link below):
GeneralB212023-11-18 20:21:03.489Z
Hello all, I just updated my system and have a new issue to report. My Tomcat lines up to the cat but it experiences a little hop and then settles back on deck. It happens when the Tomcat is in taxi mode and when the Tomcat is in idle or about the co...
GeneralA32023-11-17 22:04:49.685Z
Supercarrier Pro v1.0.3 - Released Nov 16th
CVN-76 Island accuracy fixes. Island remodeled to represent late-Nimitz class carriers Modern arrestors can be toggled "always on" Modern arrestors reactivate automatically when you approach again Effectiveness of arresting gear now depends on the ai...
GeneralA12023-11-17 16:56:21.541Z
supercarrier upate 29/9 making backwards progress
Hi team. Thank you for the update, However i think you are going backwards somewhat. having the moving ships on an icao is great. but spawn within a few miles of it and you are slammed onto and sometimes through the deck causing catastrophic problems...
QuestionsCP2O172023-11-17 12:38:15.287Z
Supercarrier pro MS Store stuck on "please wait"
I hope anyone can help me out. Supercarrier pro downloads from the MS store and after decompressing gets stuck on "Please wait" It does not progress from here. If I delete it after cancelling the download it says "Failed to read from file" and crashe...
GeneralB12023-11-13 11:19:39.139Z
Osprey - 93% throttle planes jumps in the air then flips every time
Hi, new to this plane. Not sure what is wrong. Regardless of the position of the rotors once I hit 93% throttle the plane leaps in the air then does a big backflip. Land, carrier doesn't matter. What do I need to set? Using warthog hotas. Haven't mes...
GeneralAA42023-11-11 23:31:45.212Z
Engine Inconsistencies
So something that I have been able to identify is this: When you bring the engine 1 ECL to start and have a good engine start, the NP tends to be somewhere around 68ish (I can get the exact number if you need me to). After engine 1 is started, you ta...
GeneralV02023-11-11 07:45:32.062Z
Unable to reposition nacelles
The MV-22 is one of my favorite aircraft to fly in MSFS. It is such a wonderfully detailed aircraft! Today I went to fly it, using my new Warthog Joystick/Throttle. I set about configuring control assignments. All was going well until I tried to adju...
GeneralR22023-11-06 10:27:08.186Z
Good morning Miltech team. I have discovered with the latest update V1.02 that all catapaults 1-4 are no longer able to launch F-14's A-D under "MILPOWER" sucessfully. In order to get off the deck I need to operate my afterburners in all models irreg...
GeneralA42023-11-03 20:00:40.540Z
ANNOUNCING SUPERCARRIER PRO FOR MSFS RELEASING SEPTEMBER 14TH Welcome aboard the first Studio-Level Functional Aircraft Carrier Pack for MSFS. At Miltech Simulations, we have been developing the necessary tech for functional Aircraft Carriers for the...
General02023-09-11 15:27:02.285Z