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AP VS Hold button misbehaving
With v1.0.3 I have seen a new bug in the AP interface (state management). The "VS Hold" button gets "stuck" in the ON state … and pressing it will change the VS numeric value. Here is the video:
Questions22022-11-29 10:35:07.586Z
Shadow of tail antenna dishes is "blinking"
Like any goose I like to fly "in formation" … so that I can watch the pretty shape of the Osprey while flying. But at a certain distance (zoom level) there is a disturbing visual shadow effect. MSFS sometimes draws the shadows of the tail antenna dis...
Ideas12022-11-29 08:38:23.839Z
OSPREY MV-22 V1.0.1 Texturing Improvements (Interior) Liveries tweaks for quality and realism Engine overtoque under normal flight condition Interim power (PFD/FLIR) now has colored visual queues to avoid overstressing the engine (blinking red for ca...
GeneralTB162022-11-28 20:24:21.431Z
AS VS Hold gets ignored (is impacted) by airspeed changes
As with my other AP topics here again I only use two AP features: HDG Hold VS Hold … and adjust the airspeed manually … and I do not set any target altitude. I have summarize this as "AS VS Hold get ignored (is impacted) by airspeed changes" because ...
Questions42022-11-23 08:22:55.160Z
Osprey v1.0.3 Turning off screens on MAP mode Autopilot issues. Alt Hold/Alt select overshooting selected altitude under some circumstances. General Autopilot Improvements Further improvements to APLN flight model Improved Effect of Trim during CONV
General02022-11-23 04:31:03.606Z
AP (on first run only) enforces 3000 ft radio altimeter
I now can reproduce my "AP confusion" … where I was seeing unexplainable climb activities, even while I did set "VS to 0 ft HOLD". The key points are (seem to be): It only happens on the very first flight after MSFS has been started It is related to ...
Questions112022-11-23 00:58:45.380Z
Texturing Improvements (Exterior) idea … Light Bulbs
I saw the topic of … Texturing Improvements (Exterior) … for the upcoming release(s) and wanted to provide some feedback on that. MSFS does push the 3D modeling and rendering limits closer to … "maximum realism". The switch to 8K textures for the Osp...
Ideas12022-11-21 17:04:08.885Z
More testing of the V22
From a cold and dark start. Blade fold works, but upon finishing stuck in last sequence, with the arrow flashing, because of this, unable to unfold blades to flight conditions. Waited over 5 mins to convert back to flight conditions. No go. Aircraft ...
GeneralT42022-11-20 22:56:20.360Z
Nacelles on an axis?
Is there going to be the option to put the nacelles on an axis rather than buttons? it would be ideal to utilize a thumb wheel like displayed on the throttle.
GeneralT22022-11-20 20:03:12.269Z
AP "Speed hold" visually fighting throller axis input
Since I have not seen this in the "tracked bugs": When activating "AP speed hold" the 3D throttle in the cockpit starts to jump back-and-forth between the manual axis setting (from the HOTAS) … and the target throttle position which is computed (set)...
QuestionsT112022-11-20 14:29:00.192Z
Explain icons...
Availability on PC Marketplace and Transfer
I would like to know when the Osprey will be available on the PC market place. Looking at the FAQ, my assumption is that it would be available only after SU12, together with Xbox availability. Am I correct? I would like to buy the Osprey as soon as p...
QuestionsSS42022-11-20 11:42:15.195Z
Osprey APLN Mode - banking/roll is too slow, aircraft feels heavy on turns
We are currently investigating this issue. Recent changes on the CFD Flight model after SU11 introduced this bug. A bug fix will be released ASAP.
General12022-11-18 12:34:39.100Z
v1.0.1 ENAV flight path following "hunting"
Hi while using v1.0.1 following a flight plan made on global map, engage AP and the aircraft once on the route slowly rolls left then right continuously as it flys the course (maybe relates to the slow roll rate we now seem to have??). So it seems to...
GeneralCC22022-11-17 23:15:28.121Z
Osprey v1.0.2 Fix for "aircraft feeling heavy in APLN mode" + other related issues Interior texture adjustments
General02022-11-17 20:11:57.724Z
Pilots have twisted legs
In v1.0.1 the Pilots have twisted legs (very unhealthy positions … or yoga extreme :-) I see them when using the drone cam to inspect the aircraft from the outside.
Questions12022-11-16 19:43:00.865Z
v1.0.1 - "too heavy" in APLN … but "Mach loop ready" at 1+ deg nacelles
There was a video in the MSFS forum of two Ospreys doing the Mach Loop … which is one of my visual references for the "agility" (flight performance) of the real world Osprey. Based on that … as long as the nacelles are >0 deg (=not MSFS flight physic...
IdeasT22022-11-16 19:41:12.370Z
AP in GPS Mode banking constantly
Hi,, I created a flight plan in MSFS and start the flight. The AP works fine and follows the track, holds the altitude (4000ft) and speed (190 kts) But it is always and very slowly rolling from 5 degrees right to 5 degrees left and so on and so forth...
GeneralVT22022-11-16 19:39:59.992Z
GPU driver crashes on flight loading [not related to Osprey]
This is … I guess … a tricky bug. Here I what I had today after I upgraded to 1.0.1 I tried to fly in Niger … so I picked DRRN … Ramp 1 Click "Fly" … it starts loading … and MSFS crashes with the following alert I tried loading v1.0.1 at five differe...
General112022-11-16 19:00:24.713Z
Whiskey Compass Lighting.
Whiskey Compass is not affected/illuminated by the Secondary/Instrument Light knob. It is illuminated by "CKPT Dome/ Cabin Light" but that knob acts as an On/Off switch instead of a variable.
GeneralT12022-11-16 01:36:32.260Z
Where to find the blank Osprey livery?
Really enjoying the osprey, thank you! I'm not able to find the blank livery, though, only the 8 designed liveries. It doesn't appear in the sim or as far as I can see in my install folder. Please can you tell me where I can find it?
GeneralAA22022-11-14 20:55:44.938Z
OK more FNG questions. I have the Komodo Kiowa control system with proper collective and cyclic. How would I bind the collective and do I need to bind throttles left and right (Winwig F-18 system)
GeneralR12022-11-14 03:47:51.766Z
Cowl Flap 4 not working
The issue I'm having is Cowl Flap 4 does not move the Nacelles. I've tried several different keystrokes that all register in the control menu when pushed but does not move the Nacelles. I got it to function once, but it immediately caused the V22 to ...
GeneralT72022-11-13 20:00:49.159Z
I currently only fly DCS and all aircraft have a kneeboard where there are things like check lists for startup ETC. Is there such a thing for the Osprey? I fly only VR so taking head set off to look at a paper copy is a no go
GeneralR12022-11-12 21:04:10.594Z
"Osprey feels too light" … might be a (strange) MSFS? oscillation bug
Today I did a flight and again the Osprey started shaking, as if the wind was tossing it around like if it were a feather. I turned off the AP to check if it was the cause … but the shaking stayed. I switched to "Clear Skies" weather … but the shakin...
Questions32022-11-12 05:08:56.440Z
Amphibious Ready Group No updates Planned UK Carrier Strike Group No updates Planned USS Lexington No updates Planned USS George Bush Legacy product. No longer supported.
General02022-11-11 09:09:09.436Z
Engine Speeds with throttle positions - MV22
Hello, One thing I have noticed, when my throttle level on my honeycomb bravo is set to 0 (bump stop before the button position) the engines seem to hover at 72% NR even with ECLs in the Fly Position. I looked at the documents at work (I work on CMV-...
GeneralV2T92022-11-11 08:55:27.756Z
Autopilot (AP) not working consistently below 170 ktas
… so continuing with a discussion we started over at the MSFS forum … When I look at the flight envelope graph on page 41 of the manual I read it as: If the nacelles are at 0 deg … so APLN mode I will stall below 105 ktas … unless I raise the nacelle...
Questions32022-11-11 08:36:46.651Z
Cockpit proportions in VR (OSPREY)
Hey guys First couple of flight hours left mixed feelings really. On one hand, awesome choice of rate piece of machinery, beautifuly crafted cockpit with decent depth of on board systems. On the other hand, flight physics seem to be little wonky (I u...
GeneralVV122022-11-09 20:36:46.642Z
Engine 1/2 Hyd Temp
Engine 1/2 hydraulic temperature climbs to and stays at 280°C after engine shutdown. Reads as XXX after APU shutdown, but after waiting 10min in game with aircraft cold dark. At spawn in at a cold-dark location and quick APU start up, Eng HYD Temps a...
GeneralT32022-11-09 19:11:08.714Z
Inconsistency between CPLD button and "Autopilot Off" command
I have a default HOTAS buttons for the MSFS "Autopilot on/off" commands. When I fly in AP mode I often do this: CPLD is in ARM I set the HDG … and press its Hold = "ON" button I set the VS … and press its Hold = "ON" button … then I press CPLD … to g...
Questions12022-11-09 10:20:20.109Z
Add additional showcase fixed camera views
The present release of the Osprey comes with three showcase fixed camera views: #1 … From the right towards the body #2 … From the left towards the body #3 … From the read towards top of the body Default Asobo aircraft have no consistent "standard" f...
Ideas12022-11-09 09:28:57.022Z
Better access to APU switch in default "Instrument View"
When I do the initial power on … I switch to the default Instrument View for the overhead panel. When I then try to turn on the APU I run into this … the toolbar menu drops down … It would be easier (for me) if the camera position for this view would...
Ideas12022-11-09 09:19:50.876Z
How to taxi with a "leveled open ramp" … "auto ramp" documentation
I think this is a documentationfeature request … at least I was not able fully understand the behaviour from the existing text. I watched this video … View on YouTube … and around minute 6:30 one can see that they taxi and take off with the ramp in a...
Questions32022-11-09 08:44:04.062Z
General02022-11-08 21:55:37.503Z