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Tweaks to the flight model and trim Flight model significantly improved. Throttle Curve improved for better handling. VRS Significantly improved. Transition in and out from VRS is a lot smoother now Fire T-Handle basic functionality added Engine Cont...
General12023-06-07 18:00:09.119Z
MFD brightness and visual problems
Hi, there are two problems with the MFDs I have: First, when viewed at an angle (like looking at copilot's instruments from pilot's seat), the MFDs appear to be partially or completely black, like if the symbology is hiding under the display surface ...
QuestionsBB42023-05-31 13:45:45.936Z
VOR bearing display on MFD
Hello, when using a VOR station for navigation, I have noticed the bearing displayed in top right corner of the MFD is wrong. No matter what, it shows [my current heading + 90 degrees]. The distance readout seems to be working fine, and the VOR ident...
QuestionsBB22023-05-30 09:01:02.024Z
Osprey airports pack
I'm loving the Osprey and currently spend a lot of time flying around MCAS New River. I was wondering how is the Osprey scenery pack coming along. Can we have some details or an update? Thanks
GeneralJ12023-05-25 10:29:57.609Z
Product gifting.
How would I go about gifting a V-22 package to someone?
GeneralT12023-05-24 05:20:31.341Z
I created a mission just for the Osprey, please try it out
I'm a huge fan of the Miltech V-22 Osprey and I put together this little mission called Operation Eagle Fang: Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it.
GeneralNN22023-05-23 13:18:40.208Z
Details to improve
Fire T-Handle It would be nice if the fire T-handles would work at least minimally. For begin, it would be enough if the corresponding motor would switch off in the arm position. This would allow the important fire t-handle test to be performed. Valu...
GeneralFN22023-05-22 17:35:05.122Z
Ship battlegrups
I'm loving your Amphibious assault group, thanks!! I used to build ships for FSX and P3D (like the USS Nimitz and Eisenhower package) so I'm sort of a navy geek. I have a suggestion that might apply as well for the other packages. For the moving vers...
GeneralJT12023-05-22 12:02:48.472Z
VR is still out of proportion
VR is completely out of proportion, the scale is way too large, the cockpit is huge, I could sit on the cyclic ! Moreover, there are weird and disturbing reflections on the PFD. My system - i7-12700 - GTX3080 - HP Reverb G2 V2
GeneralC12023-05-16 22:30:38.682Z
Axis for 'Engine Control Levers (Left and Right)
Hi Enjoying flying this unique aircraft very much :) During the start up I operate the engine 'Crank/Start/Fly' levers with my mouse. Hovering over the lever my mouse names these as "Left/Right Engine Control Lever". I would like to use a lever axis ...
QuestionsSS22023-05-02 19:46:06.309Z
Explain icons...
Having trouble with osprey on Xbox series s
Hey y’all, I just downloaded the osprey on my Xbox and have been having a few troubles with it. After configuring my controller to work for this I went to turn the battery on and got nothing, no matter how long I hold it or how many times I press it ...
GeneralDW32023-04-23 19:28:21.497Z
Fuel consumption
Is the fuel consumption of the MV-22B correct? In the specifications of the real model it has 879nm of total range, today I made a flight of 600nm taking 100% of fuel and I arrived at the destination with 70% available, shouldn't there be an amount w...
GeneralSK32023-04-20 05:12:56.545Z
Pop out cockpit display in a second monitor
In many aircraft in MSFS20 you can pop out panels in the cockpit display, so that they appear in a second monitor. You do this by pressing Alt Gr and then left click. The new panel can be dragged onto the second monitor. I tried this with the Osprey ...
GeneralJ12023-04-18 18:03:54.300Z
Osprey engines shut off after takeoff
Any time I take off the engines just shut off. I have no idea what to do. Waste of money I guess
GeneralB22023-04-14 01:30:49.077Z
Important ASI texts are incorrect or missing
It would be nice if these ASI messages were corrected and included. These messages have an outstanding importance because they are part of the flow within the original normal procedures and must be checked urgently (ASI APU ENGAGE comes & Doors close...
GeneralFF22023-04-13 19:33:08.459Z
Lights only work when mouse right click is down
With the last 2 updates, I am only seeing the lights (all but bottom strobe) when I hold right click down to move my camera angle. This also only happens inside the flight station. When looking at the exterior no lights are visible except the bottom ...
GeneralV22023-04-09 19:39:36.876Z
Some Suggestions.
Hello, first I would like to congratulate the entire miltech team for the excellent work! I've been following osprey since launch and it's getting better every day with the updates, taking advantage of the moment, I'd like to make some suggestions: 1...
IdeasS12023-04-03 01:50:00.561Z
Osprey v1.1.4 APU Heat Blur Incorrect flight path marker on FLIR Autopilot knobs animation reverses after a 360deg turn Exterior glass reflections Glass rain effects Multiplayer sounds CPLD ACT Bug on PFD Improved handling on moving carriers with "As...
General02023-04-02 02:19:42.528Z
LHA spawn point
Hi, another thing I noticed, whenever I spawn on the LHA with engines running (I haven't tried all locations, but they seem the same), my plane is always offset to the right from the yellow centerline. Wouldn't it make sense to spawn us right in the ...
QuestionsBJ62023-03-26 20:04:04.452Z
How do I map keyboard keys to move the nacelles up and down please?
Hi, I am new to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. I am playing on a Windows 10 computer. I bought the Osprey + Amphibious Ready Group Bundle from the Marketplace yesterday. How do I map keyboard keys to move the nacelles up and down, please? Also, how ...
GeneralPP22023-03-22 20:04:59.101Z
Hard landing leads to extreme glitchyness
Hello! if you have any sort of "hard" landing the osprey starts uncontrollably bouncing and you just go into this weird almost clipping before you either flip and crash land or i just had a instance where it carried me into the sky upside down https:...
GeneralT12023-03-22 16:10:22.777Z
Air intake and pitot covers timing during shutdown/startup.
v 1.1.3 I just noticed that during engine shutdown the red covers appear prior to the rotor head reach a stand-still position. This looks unrealistic and somewhat "hectic" ... a slight adjustment of the timing could make it look a lot more realistic....
General22023-03-22 08:24:07.529Z
Enhancements to engine startup phase
I was watching some videos on YouTube and I think I have seen two aspects of the startup process which could be integrated in a future refinement: A) Cold engines produce aa lot of white smoke during the startup … I guess mainly because the combustio...
GeneralA62023-03-22 08:14:33.244Z
Stability and trim
When hand flying the MV-22 i feel that i have to fight the stick in order to keep it level, as the nose tends to drift upwards. I have looked through the docs, but can't find anything about trim. Does it not have such a function? Perhaps i'll have to...
QuestionsAA22023-03-21 17:08:52.347Z
Pilots in VR cockpit view
Hi I would like to know if we can get the co-pilot in VR Cockpit view? Thanks
GeneralPD222023-03-16 06:22:15.915Z
Autopilot knobs animation
Hi! On the autopilot rotary knobs, I have noticed that every time you move it past zero, the knob goes all the way in the opposite direction. Example: Turn the HDG knob counter-clockwise from 001 to 359 - when passing zero, the knob will instead rota...
GeneralB22023-03-14 16:22:06.085Z
Add "Crank" engine feature
v 1.1.3 The "Crank" position of the engine levers has no effect. However ... from some videos it seems like a real world startup might have fairly long crank periods (for reasons unknown to me ... perhaps to reduce the stress on the turbine cludge be...
General12023-03-14 16:21:33.269Z
Flight Path Marker very wrong?
Hi! The Flight Path Marker on the PFD appears to be fundamentally wrong, not pointing where the aircraft goes. Example 1: In VTOL mode, pitch down so your nose is below horizon, while adding enough power to climb. Even though your VVI shows positive ...
GeneralB52023-03-01 05:28:56.585Z
AP airspeed is "fighting" with throttle
Release 1.1.2 did resolve the visual "fighting" of the two systems … which resulted in the jumping throttle. However, the "physical flight model fight" is still present. use "clear skies" weather … no wind no turbulence Set an airspeed of … say … 180...
Questions22023-02-25 15:22:49.550Z
Air heat blur for APU exhaust?
Looking at this video (right at the start) … View on YouTube I did notice that there actually is a very considerable APU hot air blur … going almost vertically up into the sky. That could be a nice addition for some future release.
General12023-02-24 21:15:10.594Z
Further improvements to flight path marker Mapping autohover to msfs variable ("Water Rudder", CTRL+W) Osprey pilot helmet textures tweaked AP HDG value display shifts digits Throttle input axis and AP visually fighting
General02023-02-21 18:27:08.827Z
Additional Ship Placements.
Regarding the custom addition of ships from the Bush and Amphib packagers. What format are you looking for in the request Email? I'm guessing GPS Lat/Long plus a desired ship Heading. Also, is there a limit per request. Regards, Tasker.
GeneralTW2W42023-02-16 16:44:52.933Z
Refinement suggestion: Position lights cast unrealistic ground light "shape"
In v 1.1.1 (and prior versions) I noticed that the red-green position lights (of the nacelles) do cast a very unrealistic light on the ground. It has a 100% straight and razor sharp edge towards the aircraft. This is only visible: when the lights are...
Questions12023-02-13 17:03:37.057Z
AP HDG value display shifts digits
v1.0.4 (and prior) … I now can reproduce (trigger) the shifted HDP digit bugs (and I have a video too, if needed) I activate the AP … and set a HDG When I use the 3D cockpit button … I can turn on-off the HDG hold just fine When I use the command bin...
Questions72023-02-12 01:01:20.089Z
VRS recovery procedure? (real and simulated)
I think it is a good idea to include aerodynamic "features" like the vortex ring state (VRS). However, I so far have not been able to find a "procedure" that would allow me to recover from VRS, after I entered it. There are very interesting videos fo...
General12023-02-07 19:26:57.734Z
(3D) Throttle position is not proportional to input axis
v1.0.4 … (which is when I made the screenshots, but I guess this also applies to 1.0.5) While looking at the 3D throttle in the cockpit I realized that it "feels odd". Especially at the beginning and the end this is very noticable. The 3D throttle po...
QuestionsKJ52023-02-07 13:58:20.498Z
Simvar Questions
Hi guys, I'm working on a Flow Pro wheel and found most of the Simvars required for monitoring states. But I'm having trouble finding the hydraulic pressure readouts that match what is shown in the CDU via your WASM module. Are these internal variabl...
GeneralVV72023-02-04 03:55:52.628Z
Pilot model looking like their vikings
I recently bought the MV-22 and the first thing I noticed was the fact that my pilots looked like they were Vikings, the helmet was a stone looking helmet and very bad modeling. Not what I expected as from the pictures they were accurate pilots (Asob...
GeneralCD22023-02-02 10:58:40.912Z
V1.1.1 Left rotor bottom tip lights not functional after last update fixed LVars available for HYD Pressure and Lighting Manual updated to latest stage of CDU
General02023-01-31 18:48:48.052Z
For those wondering "When will the Osprey/ARG be available on the Marketplace?"
For those wondering "When will the Osprey/ARG be available on the Marketplace?": We continue hoping that soon ("In just a few weeks") as we have satisfied all the requirements and submitted all files for Marketplace release. However, the truth is: It...
General02023-01-30 20:32:16.144Z